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Letter to me by Mind Map: Letter to me

1. Purpose of the letter

1.1. Encouragement

1.2. Reminder about individual child

1.3. Positive classroom vs authoritarian vs authoritative

2. Why I want to be a teacher

2.1. School as a kid

2.2. Impact of teachers

2.3. Fun in school

3. Lead sentence

3.1. Engaging students in academics

3.1.1. Planning and preparation for engaging activities that are hands on, experiential. Connect to interest/ interest inventories Coherent instruction Communicate goals with students Student participation Quality questions for instruction Knowledge of students Instructional outcomes

3.2. Effective management

3.2.1. Class enviorment Jobs Respect and report Interactive modeling

3.3. Positive classroom community

3.3.1. Feels loved

3.3.2. Feels safe

3.3.3. Valued Morning meeting Jobs Individual

3.3.4. Communicate with families They are sending their best

4. Closure Sentence

4.1. Regardless of what school you are at or what grade you are teaching, remember that each child in your class is a person first and a student second. You have the honor and responsibility to lead these children well and equip them to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.