Merchant of Venice

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Merchant of Venice by Mind Map: Merchant of Venice

1. themes

1.1. Prejudice

1.1.1. Prejudice and hated is cyclical and difficult to escape I crave the law, The penalty and forfeit of my bond. To bait fish withal: if it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge

1.2. Mercy

1.2.1. Mercy and forgiveness should be given freely Though justice be thy plea, consider this, That, in the course of justice, none of us should see salvation: we do pray for mercy; And that same prayer doth teach us all to render the deeds of mercy. The quality of mercy is not strain'd

1.3. Love

1.3.1. Love and loyalty is difficult to overcome personal gain And from your love I have a warranty to unburthen all my plots and purposes how to get clear of all the debts I owe I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you, and so following; but I will not eat with you, drink with you, nor pray with you.

2. Acts

2.1. I

2.1.1. Portia discusses her suitors with Nerissa, her servant. Portia dislikes them all, except for Bassanio. Antonio barrows 3,000 ducats from shylock, so Bassanio may wed Portia

2.2. II

2.2.1. Prince of Morocco and Prince of Arragon attempt to wed Portia and fail. Launcelot, who is Shylock's servant, flees from his service and wants to work for Bassanio. Jessica, Shylock's daughter, flees from him to wed Lorenzo, so that she won't be a jew any longer. Jessica steal several thousand ducats from her father.

2.3. III

2.3.1. Antonio loses a ship, and Shylock seeks to kill him. Bassanio succeeds in wedding Portia, and Gratiano weds Nerissa. The conditions of marriage is only that they have to keep a ring. Portia and Nerissa seek to secretly help Antonio not die.

2.4. IV

2.4.1. Antonio and Shylock go to court, with Shylock demanding one pound of flesh from Antonio. Everyone begs Shylock to show mercy, but he refuses. Portia and Nerissa come in disguised, and reveal that Shylock can't take any blood. Shylock is then to give half his money to Antonio for trying to kill him. Gratiano and Bassanio give their rings to the disguised Portia and Nerissa.

2.5. V

2.5.1. Jessica and Lorenzo banter. Gratiano and Bassanio admit to giving away their wives rings. Portia and Nerissa admit that they were the lawyers advocating on Antonios behalf. That means that they had the rings.

3. New Words

3.1. 1.Halter

3.1.1. noose

3.1.2. a rope with a noose for hanging criminals; the hangman's noose; gallows

3.1.3. Hang the man with a halter

3.2. 2.Ostent

3.2.1. appearance

3.2.2. an appearance or manifestation

3.2.3. you have a remarkable ostent

3.3. 3.Casements

3.3.1. Window

3.3.2. a window sash opening on hinges that are generally attached to the upright side of its frame.

3.3.3. Some people have casements in their houses

3.4. 4.cerecloth

3.4.1. Shroud

3.4.2. waxed waterproof cloth of a kind formerly used as a shroud

3.4.3. we should cover his grave with a cerecloth

3.5. 5.Slubber

3.5.1. Careless

3.5.2. to perform hastily or carelessly

3.5.3. don't slubber the test

3.6. 6.cozen

3.6.1. Cheat

3.6.2. to cheat, deceive, or trick

3.6.3. Don't cozen your way in wealth

3.7. 7.peize

3.7.1. weigh

3.7.2. to weigh

3.7.3. I'm going to go peize myself

3.8. 8.oration

3.8.1. Speech

3.8.2. a formal public speech, especially one delivered on a special occasion, as on an anniversary, at a funeral, or at academic exercises.

3.8.3. MLK Jr gave a stunning oration, it is known as "I have a dream"

3.9. 9.beseech

3.9.1. beg

3.9.2. to implore urgently

3.9.3. I beseech you, I need the money!

3.10. 10.infidel

3.10.1. non-believer

3.10.2. a person who does not accept a particular faith, especially Christianity.

3.10.3. curse you, you godless infidel

3.11. 11.trancett

3.11.1. ferry

3.11.2. old word for a ferry

3.11.3. take the trancett across the river

3.12. 12.moiety

3.12.1. half

3.12.2. a half

3.12.3. give me a moiety of the cake

3.13. 13.fretten

3.13.1. rubbed

3.13.2. Rubbed; marked

3.13.3. I am frettened by the wind


3.14.1. free

3.14.2. without charge or payment; free

3.14.3. the table was gratis, this is awesome

3.15. 15.argosy

3.15.1. ship

3.15.2. a large merchant ship, especially one with a rich cargo

3.15.3. I have an argosy on the way back from a successful voyage

3.16. 16.younker

3.16.1. Kid

3.16.2. a youngster

3.16.3. he just a younker, what can he do

3.17. 17.beshrew

3.17.1. curse

3.17.2. to curse; invoke evil upon

3.17.3. I beshrew you, begone foul beast

3.18. 18.erebus

3.18.1. hell

3.18.2. the darkness under the earth, imagined either as the abode of sinners after death or of all the dead

3.18.3. the afterlife is hell: it is erebus, not heaven

3.19. 19.doit

3.19.1. a small amount

3.19.2. a bit or trifle.

3.19.3. that's a doit compared to my money

3.20. 20.curb

3.20.1. restrain

3.20.2. restrain or keep in check

3.20.3. curb your hunger, its several hours before dinner