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Affiliate Webinar by Mind Map: Affiliate Webinar

1. Swipes


2. iDevAffiliate Dashboard

2.1. Increased commission rate has been increased 50%

2.1.1. Lifetime upsell, up to $1,250 income per customer

2.2. If you request for it, we can release 60% of your commission on December 23.

2.2.1. We prefer no payments thru PayPal. But if requested, we can issue a PayPal check.

2.3. Your affiliate link is at the right-side of the Account Management Dashboard (below Standard Linking Code)

2.3.1. Steps to Access Tier 2 Links: Go to Account Management Dashboard Click "Marketing Materials" on the top menu. A dropdown submenu will appear. Click "Tier Linking Code". Copy the "Tier Referral Link" (the actual link, not the embed code).

2.3.2. Guide: Tier2 Link Video Click here How to get your Affiliate Tier 2 Link.pdf

2.4. Affiliate Dashboard Login is at the top right menu of & also linked directly at

3. The Program

3.1. Official Launch is on December 4.

3.1.1. Email copy to promote the Dec 4 launch has been released. Email Swipes are available at

3.1.2. We will have a simple, professional, direct to the point landing page. Will promote the December 10 Webinar

3.2. People signing up beginning on the Pre-Launch phase will get acccess to the Crypto Investor Bootcamp Page.

3.2.1. Talking about "the software" in pre-launch video 2 & 3

3.2.2. Talking about the cryptocurrency and ICO successes we recently had in videos 1 & 2

3.3. The final price will be increased.

3.3.1. This would mean additional commission for affiliates.

3.4. Refund Rate: 10% from beta test

4. Get Affiliate Support Now!

4.1. Joseph Varghese

4.1.1. JV Affiliate Manager

4.1.2. [email protected]

4.1.3. Call/ SMS 917 745-5313

4.1.4. jvinorbit

5. Links

5.1. 11.28 Affiliate Webinar Replay

5.1.1. Watch this

5.2. Facebook Group


6. Prizes

6.1. 1st Place

6.1.1. 2018 Range Rover Evoque or $50,000

6.2. 2nd Place

6.2.1. All-Inclusive 7-Day Hawaiian Vacation

6.3. 3rd Place

6.3.1. Sony 85" 4K Smart LED TV

6.4. Guaranteed Prizes

6.4.1. Get 20 Sales Apple 13" MacBook Pro

6.4.2. Get 10 Sales Marshal Amp Refrigerator

6.4.3. Get 5 Sales GoPro Hero4