Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

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Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction by Mind Map: Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

1. Mangetic Force’s Strength

1.1. Magnetic Force of Wire

1.2. Magnetic Force of Loop

1.3. Magnetic Force of Bobbin

2. Magnetic Field’s Strength

2.1. Magnetic Field of Wire

2.2. Magnetic Field of Loop

2.3. Magnetic Field of Bobbin

3. Variables that affect Magnetic Field’s Strenght

3.1. Distance

3.2. Current

3.3. Magnetic Permaibility

3.4. Number of Turns

3.5. Radius

4. Variables that affect Magnetic Force’s Strenght

4.1. Distance

4.2. Current

4.3. Magnetic Permaibility

4.4. Number of Magnets

4.5. Angle

5. Movement of a Rectangular Wire on a Magnetic Field

5.1. Magnetic Force of a Rectangular Wire on a Magnetic Field

5.2. Torque of a Rectangular Wire on a Magnetic Field

5.3. Torque’s Direction

6. Magnetic Force’s Dİrection

6.1. Right-Hand Rule

7. Magnetic Field’s Dİrection

7.1. Right-Hand Rule