ICT's in Teaching useful for

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ICT's in Teaching useful for by Mind Map: ICT's in Teaching useful for

1. Curriculum can be taught through modes which will be easily understood by our millenials via

1.1. Video-based instruction which incorporates the use of existing videos or can allow the teacher to be creative

1.2. It can also allow the students to express themselves which has become increasingly important to today's students

2. Assessment which is facilitated through the following (E-quizzes)

2.1. Edmodo quizzes

2.2. Google Form Quizzes

2.2.1. This can also be used for creating questionnaires which is useful for data collection

2.3. Power Point Quizzes

2.4. E-Portfolios

2.4.1. Allows students to express themselves in ways that they have already been using, however it is educational. Gives rise to their personalities in a way that written portfolios cannot.

2.5. Google Sheets

2.5.1. These can be used for student reflection

3. Pedagogy looks at how we teach our curriculum and who we are teaching

3.1. Students

3.1.1. have varied learning styles

3.1.2. multiple intelligences

3.2. teachers

3.2.1. can differentiate their learning to cater to all these student needs

3.2.2. provide opportunities to students who prior to ICT would not have a chance academically

4. Organisation and Administration is facilitated through

4.1. Collaborative Platforms

4.1.1. Google Drive

4.1.2. Office 365 One Note

4.2. ICT Programs

4.2.1. The teacher has to have the knowledge and skill to use these programs effectively Power Point useful for classroom presentations although this is not very popular now Word useful in Lesson Planning Excel useful for the collection and analysis of student information Video-Based Activities useful for producing exciting lessons

5. Teacher Professional Learning

5.1. Teaching professionals must be lifelong learners