We’re on Google Drive!


MindMeister users, today we have some very exciting news for you! As a Google Drive launch partner, MindMeister has integrated with Drive, Google’s newly released cloud storage and collaboration service. This will change the way users create, store and share mind mapping files, with a huge range of features and services on offer.

What is Google Drive?

  • A cloud storage and collaboration service from Google
  • Access your stored files online from anywhere with any device
  • Supports all web browsers and both Android or iOS devices
  • 5Gb of free storage with additional storage may be purchased
  • You can create, edit and share files with people all over the world
  • Integration with top applications!

One of those top applications, as you may have guessed, is MindMeister. We’ll be proudly wearing the badge to show what cool things we can do with Google Drive.

How will it work?

  • Seamlessly import and export mind map files between Google Drive and MindMeister
  • Create, share and co-edit mind maps directly in Google Drive
  • Attach documents directly from Google Drive to topics in a mind map
  • Bulk export compressed mind map files to Google Drive
  • Auto-sync maps with all devices and clients
  • Share and collaborate on mind maps with Google contacts
  • Create MindMeister accounts and sign in directly using your Google account

In addition to all this, users of Google Drive can open popular mind mapping files from Freemind, MindManagerTM and XMind straight from their docs list using MindMeister, without the need for having any of those programs installed.

These mind maps can be fully edited in MindMeister – even collaboratively using MindMeister’s real-time engine – and then saved back to Drive in the original format. Of course, new maps can also be created, shared and co-edited, and are automatically synchronized to the Google Drive folder on the user’s computer.

We’re very pleased to be making this announcement as MindMeister continues to push forward and offer its users the very best tools and solutions for brainstorming, online collaboration and task organization.

Get started with MindMeister and Google Drive

So why not sign up to Google Drive and install the MindMeister App from the Chrome Web Store today and start enjoying mind mapping and file sharing like never before!

1. Get the MindMeister App from the Google Chrome Store:

Get the MindMeister Chrome App

2. Create a mind map file in Google Drive

3. Upload attachments from Google Drive:

  • Maxim

    how to transfer existing maps into grive?

  • Just check the “Sync to Drive” checkbox in the map options popover in the map view as shown on http://www.mindmeister.com/help/googledrive#sync (scroll to the very bottom).

  • Edzo

    Is it also possible to use this to share maps between paying users and free users?

    Thus is gdrive also available for free users
    and does this influence their maximum maps if the map is on the drive of an paying user?

  • richard

    Yes it is possible to share maps between paying users and free users. Google Drive is available to free users, free users will still only be able to create a max of 3 maps per month no matter whose Drive they are on. Once you open a mind map it will be synced to your MindMeister account.

  • Aaaaaah! Alle meine Mindmaps sind verschwunden! Habe noch kein Google Drive aber schon den Access zugelassen… Jetzt sind alle meine bisherigen Mindmaps im Meindmeister verschwunden… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Calvin

    Is it possible to open and edit Freemind files stored on Google drive without importing?

  • What would be the benefit of storing my mind maps in Drive compared with the current approach of utilising the Mindmap storage?

    Just being able to share the mindmaps with other google users? Or did I miss something?

  • Richard

    Hi Calvin, yes it is, you just need to click on the freemind file in Google Drive and it will open in MindMeister.

  • richard

    Hi Juha, if people are using Google Drive for backing up all their docs they’ve got them all in one place with additional security / backup effect, and also can then share easily via Drive.

  • David Spinks

    Pity these features are not apparently available outside the US … yes you can share but only within the USA – great!

  • Can you confirm that if I don’t opt-in, my maps won’t be sent to Google Drive? I don’t really want Google storing my information, particularly given that their terms of service mean that they’ll own any content submitted to it!

  • David, how do you mean share only in the US? You can share MindMeister maps no matter where you are, and I think the same is true for Google Drive docs. Which share do you mean?

  • Chris, I can confirm that you need to log in via Google, then have the MindMeister Chrome app installed, and even then you need to actively switch on map synching. We won’t ever give away your data without asking you first.

  • tris

    I had installed mindmeister to my chrome but i can not find any mindmap button activated on create menu.(of course i had synced chrome with my account)

  • richard

    Hi Tris, when you click create in Google Drive and the drop down menu pops up, select ‘more’ and then ‘mind map’. If this doesn’t work please email support@mindmeister.com. Thanks

  • tris

    Thank you for your quick response.i got to know why it happened.only after i remove and reinstall mindmeister which had been installed on my chrome before google drive service launched, i got to see mindmap was activated.
    Please be aware that,for your information.thanks.

  • Neil

    I was really excited about this because I assumed that I would now be able to access my maps offline without the buggy and cumbersome offline mode that you’ve currently got. But I can’t see a way of accessing the mind maps offline via google drive. Surely the the offline google docs in Chrome could keep a copy of the .mind file, and then the mindmeister app have access to it? Then I wouldn’t have to explicitly take my maps offline all the time, and would get rid of the syncing errors that result in duplicate mind maps that I have to keep fixing. Without improved offline mode, I’m not really sure what benefit the google drive offers. Unless I’m wrong of course, and I’m just using it wrong?

  • richard

    Hi Neil, Mindmeister is always improving the offline mode and there will soon be a function that automatically merges maps when there are conflicts.

  • Miels

    The newsletter mentioned I can merge my MindMeister and Google accounts at https://www.mindmeister.com/account/personal/#merge but I don’t see any merge functionality there.

    Should the email adress I use at MindMeister allready be a gmail address?

  • richard

    Hi Miels,

    Thanks for your comment, see the link below for merging accounts:


    Please let us know if you have any further problems

  • Randy

    it would be awesome to have mindmeister being able to open Freeplane mind maps, too. freeplane is a mind mapping software developed by the former lead developer of Freemind and actually Freeplane is way better than freemind http://freeplane.org/ (yes, it has not that many users but still quite a few and the file format is very similar – shouldn’t be a problem to write a converter)

  • Krystian

    Hi. Browser version is great, but app for android is terrible. I cant login, because it doesn’t support logging by the Google Account. Please repair this.

  • Leon

    I’m using mindmeister via google drive on windows computers and it works perfect. However, on my Samsung tab 2 10.1 running Android 4.0 it is apparently not integrated in google drive. The mindmaps do show up in google drive, but the system tells me that there is no viewer for that type of document…

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  • Daniel

    To the Mindmeister staff:

    Is it possible to control what folders the maps I create are save to? Like a folder called MindMeister rather than the root folder? And if I move the ones already saved to the root will they still be in sync if I open them from Mindmeister rather than Google Drive?

  • Steven ebrey

    Hi is there a response to Daniels post please?

    Daniel on August 14, 2012 at 12:08 am said:
    To the Mindmeister staff:

    Is it possible to control what folders the maps I create are save to? Like a folder called MindMeister rather than the root folder? And if I move the ones already saved to the root will they still be in sync if I open them from Mindmeister rather than Google Drive?

  • No, right now you can’t have a default folder for mindmeister synced maps because of limitations within Google. You can configure a default folder for the current session if you open or create a file from Google drive that is in the desired folder.

  • Morten

    Hi! I have built a folder structure @ my Mindmeister account, but I can not see the same folder structure in Google Drive. In my Drive every mindmap is located @ the root level. Anything I can do about this?

  • Hi there! Unfortunately, the folder structure can’t be displayed in Google Drive at the moment, so all maps will be saved to the root level. We’re working on it though!

  • John

    Got an ETA on the new folder feature?

  • Hi John, not entirely sure what you’re referring to, could you specify?

  • Andy

    I would Mike to open a mind map (created with mindmeister in google drive) on my Android device. How can i di that? There is an error showing up stating that there no marching viewer.

  • Hi Andy, unfortunately that’s not possible yet, you’re going to have to log in via MindMeister for now. The feature should be out with the next update though!

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