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From meeting management to project management: mind maps provide a visual, sharable and secure approach to company management and HR.

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What You Can Do with MindMeister

MindMeister is the leading online mind mapping tool and allows teams to collaboratively brainstorm, visualize and present their ideas and plans, all using mind maps. Whether you’re holding a company-wide meeting or collating team reports securely and centrally, MindMeister has you covered.

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Teams Around the World Manage Operations with MindMeister

Find out how real teams around the world are using MindMeister to manage their teamwork, meetings and reporting, all using mind maps:

Case Study SAP


Computer Software

“We first started out using MindMeister through casual means, but it quickly became an indispensable tool for our projects.”

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Case Study NewOrbit


Software Product Partner

NewOrbit uses MindMeister and MeisterTask to deliver outstanding Agile software projects.

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Case Study Grupo JHR

Grupo JHR

Project Management

Grupo JHR use MindMeister, MeisterTask and Google Workspace apps to manage projects collaboratively across their four different businesses and offices.

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MindMeister Feature Overview

Operations management requires confidentiality, precision and care. MindMeister helps you manage your operations work, whether you’re holding a company meeting, collating team reports and budgets, or planning your future strategy, all in a centralized, visual way. Plus, team plans can be turned into action via our integrated task management tool, MeisterTask.

Collaborative Planning

Map out your company Org chart, project reports and team planning, using visual, collaborative and secure mind maps. Mind maps are updated in real-time across all devices, including mobile.

Presentations & Meetings

Manage your weekly meetings effectively and enjoyably! Use mind maps to create meeting agendas, minutes and plans, then use presentation mode to share your vision with the team.

Export, Embed & Print

Export your mind map as a PDF or Word document, or print it out as a full-page spread, meaning you can share your plans and maps, even without access to a computer or mobile device.

Attach Files Centrally

Every topic in your mind map offers space to attach screenshots, mock-ups, videos, links and documents, ensuring all team-related files are collated in a central, secure workspace.

Feedback & Commenting

Gather team input directly inside your company mind maps, via commenting and voting features that allow team members to provide feedback directly inside the map.

Task Management

Turn ideas into action by exporting to-dos to MeisterTask, our agile task manager for teams. Via the integration, all tasks remain synchronized between the mind map and project board.

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Using Mind Maps for Operations

Used by operations teams globally, mind maps provide a visual, shareable and secure approach to company management and HR. Here are just a few ways to use mind maps for operations:

Centralized Knowledge Management

With MindMeister, your team can manage company information and knowledge centrally and securely. With all essential data, links and files stored in one central place, information can be quickly located and new team members can be onboarded with ease.

Connect Your Teams Internationally

With all mind maps updated in real-time, brainstorming and planning sessions can be held across offices and time zones. Plus, the most up-to-date information can be accessed across all your team devices, via the browser and via iOS and Android apps.

With MindMeister, we were able to outline every aspect of our business and the way it’s interconnected with others. This helped us to realize where we were lacking resources and how to move forward!

Alex Marin, Founder of BigBangThemes

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Meeting Management

Ensure every team meeting is engaging and productive by using mind maps for effective meeting management. Create clear agendas, take visual notes and follow up with assigned tasks, all using mind maps.

Welcome Employee Feedback

Welcoming employee feedback is vital for effective company management. To gather ideas and feedback from your team, create a central map for team ideas, then ask colleagues to leave feedback within the map, via in-built commenting and voting features.

Turn Plans into Action

To ensure plans and tasks won’t slip between the gaps, turn all plans in MindMeister into actionable, assigned to-dos in our task management tool, MeisterTask, via the direct integration.

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