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With MindMeister, you visualize strategies, outline projects and take meeting minutes in a format that’s easy to comprehend and share with clients.

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The Most Effective Client Communication Tool

Successful client relationships are built on mutual understanding, effective communication and trust. Using mind maps, you present even complex strategies in a way that’s easy to understand for clients, and keep them engaged throughout the journey to project completion.

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Consultants Love MindMeister - Here’s Why

Technical consultants, financial advisors, lawyers - all over the globe, freelancers and firms of all sizes use MindMeister for successful client work. Here are a few of their amazing stories:

Case Study Milligan Partners

Milligan Partners


“MindMeister’s main benefit is having everything on one page in a very professional, presentable way. The way it looks and operates is easy to understand for clients.”

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Financial Planning Firm

“After a presentation with MindMeister people often come up to me and tell me how engaging it was, how easy they found it to follow my explanations because of the map.”

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Case Study Renshi


Consulting Group

Renshi uses MindMeister and Google Workspace for Work to improve performance of personnel and ­profitability for their clients’ businesses.

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MindMeister Feature Overview

MindMeister’s award-winning mind map editor is loved by both advisors and clients for its simple and clutter-free interface. The app runs in any standard web-browser and on mobile devices, so you can access and present maps anywhere, anytime.

Collaboration Mode

Share maps with clients to collaborate with them in real-time. Discuss individual points of the strategy right inside the map by commenting and voting on topics.

Engaging Presentations

Create engaging client presentations in a matter of seconds - simply turn any mind map into a slideshow, add transitions, and project it onto a big screen for maximum effect.

Create Templates

Create reusable mind map templates to work more efficiently and consistently. Share templates with your whole team of advisors to ensure productive outcomes for all meetings.

File Attachments

Upload documents, spreadsheets, charts and other important materials to MindMeister and attach them directly to the relevant topics in your mind maps.

History Mode

Retrace the entire change history of your mind maps to see exactly how the strategy has evolved over time and who contributed what and when.

Project Management

Go from strategy to execution with MeisterTask, our integrated project management tool. Tasks stay synchronized between your maps and project boards.

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Using Mind Maps with Clients

Conduct analyses, take meeting minutes, outline strategies and visualize a better future for your clients - there are no limits to what you can do with MindMeister as your go-to client communication tool:

Discovery Process

In your initial client meeting, mind maps are an effective tool to perform a situation analysis and identify problems and client expectations. By building a mind map together in real-time, the entire discovery process can be visualized, providing the client with the confidence that he is truly understood.

Being able to get your ideas out, move them around and see how they link together really streamlines the whole planning process and is a huge advantage.

Philip Uglow, CEO, Renshi

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Meeting Preparation

Prepare for subsequent client meetings by mapping out your client’s background and needs, alongside your research notes. Mind maps offer space for all files, links and personal comments concerning your client, so you can collect all relevant information at a central space that’s easy to edit and expand upon.

Mind maps are transforming how advisors communicate with clients and staff and how they organize information throughout the firm. Results include better-informed clients, significant time savings, higher retention rates and increased fee revenue.


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Effective Communication

Using a mind map as a visual communication tool, you can break down even complex processes right in front of your client’s eyes and help them see how things are connected. Outline strategic goals as well as the steps needed to get there, and present everything in a way that’s both engaging and easy to comprehend for laypeople.

Project Management

A project plan in the shape of a mind map shows project goals, milestones and deliverables at a glance, ensuring that everybody is absolutely clear on what needs to be done. To keep the client engaged, the map can be updated with project progress on a continuous basis until the project is successfully completed.

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