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Welcome to the MindMeister Academy!

The Academy offers 4 separate courses. In the first course, Fundamentals, you will learn how to draw, read and effectively work with mind maps. Features will teach you about the many functions of MindMeister and how to use them. Use Cases features detailed examples of mind mapping in different areas, providing you with practical tips and how-tos. In Best Practices you will find out how to get the most out of MindMeister and learn how to get really productive with our tool.

To practice what you learn in this course you can use
MindMeister's free demo mind map
or draw your mind maps by hand. All you need for the latter are a few different colored pens and blank paper.

Exercises and questions are only available for registered MindMeister users. Sign up for one of our plans now to see all activities.

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