Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps Live Q&A

Links & Stuff from Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps Q&A YouTube videos.

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Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps Live Q&A by Mind Map: Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps Live Q&A

1. How do you I connect my homelab k3s cluster to github to trigger action onto it ?



2. Cloud Native DevOps: Live Q&A (Ep 201)

2.1. Find Me


2.2. New Version of Docker


2.3. k8s Troubleshooting

2.4. Docker Hub Limits

2.4.1. Config Docker to use a proxy server

2.5. Are there any github repos with microserice that I can create a k8s environment for?

2.5.1. Google: microservice example

2.5.2. sock shop


2.6. Kyverno vs. OPA

2.6.1. Kyverno on the Show Kubernetes Policy Management: DevOps and Docker Live Show (Ep 160) Jim Bugwandia @JimBugwadia

2.6.2. Disallow Latest Tag

2.6.3. Kubernetes Pod Specification Good Defaults Kubernetes Pod Spec: Better Defaults & Security

2.7. The 17 Ways to Run Containers on AWS

2.7.1. 17 More Ways to Run Containers on AWS

2.8. Cloudnative buildpacks vs Dockerfile reduce image sizes?


2.9. Devops


2.11. ChartGPT for Dockerfiles



2.12. The Twelve-Factor App


2.13. Gateway API Video

2.13.1. Mark Church @ChurchOfMark, Product Manager of GKE Networking at Google

2.14. What's your option on service montoring on K8s through eBPF?


2.14.2. Docker Live Show (Ep 183) Liz Rice @lizRice Book

2.15. How can I manage my learning more efficiently?

2.15.1. Pocket $$$

2.15.2. Substack

2.15.3. Notion

2.15.4. Container Training

2.15.5. DevOps'ish

3. Learning Docker and Kubernetes: Live Q&A (Ep 199)

3.1. The DevOps Handbook, Second Edition

3.2. Ask me anything!

3.3. LinkedIn Course on DevOps Foundations

3.3.1. James Wickett, Security Engineer and supporter of rugged software and DevSecOps

3.3.2. Ernest Mueller, Director of Engineering at Six Nines IT

3.4. Kubernetes Pod Spec: Better Defaults & Security

4. My favorite DevOps 🛠️ of 2023: Live Q&A (Ep 200)


4.2. Automate Your Deployments on Kubernetes with GitHub Actions and Argo CD

4.3. Civo Navigate

4.4. Digital Ocean

5. Calico for Kubernetes eBPF Networking (Ep 202)

6. Learning Docker and Kubernetes: Live Q&A (Ep 203)

7. Docker Hub and Desktop Announcements (Ep 208)

7.1. TelePresense for docker

7.1.1. When building with Kubernetes, you can now use Telepresence alongside the Docker toolchain you know and love. How does Telepresence for Docker work?

7.1.2. You can buy Telepresence directly from Docker, and log in to Ambassador Cloud using your Docker ID and credentials.

7.1.3. You can get installation and product support from your current Docker support and services team.

7.2. Docker Scout

7.2.1. Dive Into with James Spurin

7.3. Docker Desktop 4.17

7.4. Effortlessly Build Machine Learning Apps with Hugging Face’s Docker Spaces