PS 8 Google Drive Staff Hub

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PS 8 Google Drive Staff Hub by Mind Map: PS 8 Google Drive Staff Hub

1. Video Management


1.1.1. username: [email protected]

1.1.2. password: ps686k

1.2. Upgrade to Pro Account

1.3. Channels per grade

1.4. Double Freaky Alert!: We need to download all videos from account

2. Naming Conventions

2.1. UNITS

2.1.1. GrX Subject Name - Unit Title (Optional: year)

2.2. PD

2.2.1. GrX PD: Date, Name of PD provider, Subject


2.3.1. GrX RW Unit - Book vs. Brain Sample Lesson


2.4.1. GrX WW - Fall Assessment


2.5.1. GrX Field Trip Name

2.5.2. GrX Newsletter - Date (00-00-00)

2.6. PPC

2.6.1. PPC - Students First & Last Name

3. Workshop Agenda

3.1. WHY

3.1.1. create a common spot for all files t

3.1.2. creating print guides for those who need to print

3.1.3. gives us a unified structure, sharing/collaborative ability, transparency for admins, continuity with new teachers, etc.


3.2.1. Clean up your existing folders

3.2.2. Try to have fewer than 10 folders at any level

3.2.3. Create an "Archive" Folder and store old junk



3.4.1. Move Shared Documents/Folders to "My Drive" Go to "Shared with Me" Search for "BSI Doc" and hit enter Drag the folder that shows up called "BSI Documents" into "My Drive"

3.4.2. Sort by name/or last modified etc.

3.4.3. Convert from Word, office etc.

3.4.4. "Starred"

3.4.5. Search by naming convention

3.4.6. Shift + Z: putting something in 2 places command + check the boxes


3.5.1. Clean up names of currently used docs

3.5.2. Rule: Whenever you touch it, you clean up the name


4.1. editing docs from the office

4.2. Google Sync

5. STUDENT: Naming Conventions

5.1. Student Folders

5.2. Class #

5.3. Student Name

5.4. Unit title

5.5. Assignment title

5.6. Teacher Folders

5.6.1. GrX GrX Class# Class# Unit

6. Admin Folders

6.1. Teacher Observations

6.2. Fundraising

6.3. Payroll

6.4. Grants

6.5. School Brochures

7. YOUR SCHOOL Shared Files

7.1. Curriculum: K5 & Clusters

7.1.1. Cluster Title

7.1.2. GrX GrX Instructional Resources GrX Reading GrX Instructional Resources (Archive) GrX Weekly Teaching Points K OG Resources Supporting Docs GrX Writing Unit Overview Assessments Year Overview Grade X Enrichment Clusters Newsletters Field Trips GrX Archive GrX Report Cards (Archive) GrX Schedules

7.2. PPC

7.3. Tech Support

7.3.1. list of passwords

7.3.2. how-to docs

7.4. Curriculum: Maps

7.4.1. Syllabi

7.4.2. Pacing Calendars

7.5. Curriculum: Resources

7.5.1. PD Notes

7.5.2. Responsive Classroom

7.5.3. Templates

8. PS 8 Shared Drive

8.1. Curriculum

8.1.1. Grade Teams Gr5 Required Folders STEM Humanities Advisory Logistics Residency Archive Assessment/Data K-4 Required Folders Reading Workshop Writing Workshop Science SS Math Grade Meeting Notes Logistics Residencies Archive Assessment/Data

8.1.2. All Grades Mindset for Learning Brainpower Technology Integration (TBD - future) Flocabulary

8.1.3. Specialty

8.2. (In-Progress) Professional Learning

8.2.1. Vertical Teams

8.2.2. Chancellor's Day/Election Day

8.2.3. Study Groups

8.2.4. Professional Learning Archive

8.2.5. Lab Sites Read Aloud Lab Site

8.3. General Info

8.3.1. Weekly Notes

8.3.2. Staff Information

8.3.3. District initiatives ???

8.3.4. Schoolwide Parent Communication

8.3.5. Technology Support Tech Support (Form)

8.3.6. Report Cards

8.3.7. Student Lead Conferences

8.4. Committees

8.4.1. Safety

8.4.2. Garden

8.4.3. Wellness

8.4.4. Equity & Diversity

8.4.5. SLT

8.4.6. No Place for Hate

8.4.7. School Implementation Team (SIT)

8.5. Shared School Photos

9. Instructional Cabinet

10. Administration

10.1. Personal Days

10.1.1. Form

11. PS8.Org

11.1. Staff Page

11.1.1. Personal Day Request Form (link)

11.1.2. Staff Calendar ('request an event' form)

11.1.3. Resources IEP Brooklyn North DIIT Sandbox Password Reset instructions

11.1.4. STARS

11.1.5. Staff Documents

12. Routines

12.1. Creating Google Groups

12.1.1. [email protected]

12.1.2. [email protected] teams

12.1.3. [email protected] dance drama p.e. music library art

12.1.4. [email protected]

12.1.5. [email protected]

12.1.6. [email protected]

12.2. Check the sharing settings on folders

12.3. Grade Team PD/Workshop time to populate the folders and rename

12.3.1. lead by coaches

12.3.2. add the Google Drive app on your iPad (phones optional)

12.3.3. TBD - Preview of the new folder system (Caren, Melissa, and Sandy) show the new structure explain when and what they put into grade team folders understanding basics View only vs. Edit Making copies What belongs shared and what's private/collaborative in small groups (i.e. grade team sandbox) new forms

12.4. Make sure your unit names and numbers are in order