Meriden School Readiness

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Meriden School Readiness by Mind Map: Meriden School Readiness

1. What is School Readiness?

1.1. School Readines defined by the State Department of Education

2. Meriden School Readiness Office

2.1. Jessica Stewart

2.2. School Readiness Council

2.3. Current School Readines Programs

3. Responsibilities of SR Funded Programs

3.1. School Readiness Monthly Reports

3.1.1. Monthly Report

3.1.2. Site Data Report

3.1.3. Monthly Report Due Date Schedule

3.2. State Department of Education Documents

3.3. School Readiness Contract/Policies

3.4. NAEYC Accreditation

3.5. Budget Reports

3.5.1. Budget Report Due Date Schedule

3.5.2. ED114/Justification Document

3.6. Teacher Qualifications

3.7. DPH Child Care Licensing

3.8. CSRPPES Year End

3.9. PKIS

3.10. School Readiness RFP for 2011-2013

3.11. School Readiness Provider Meetings

3.12. Staff Professional Development

3.13. Assessment

4. Begin HERE!

5. Family Fee Determination

5.1. Full Day Fee Form

5.2. Part Day Fee Form

5.3. Extended Day Fee Form