MindMeister & Google Hangouts

How to integrate MindMeister with Google Hangouts and Google Drive.

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MindMeister & Google Hangouts by Mind Map: MindMeister & Google Hangouts

1. MindMeister Google App

1.1. 1. Download MindMeister Google App

1.1.1. Use @gmail.com account

1.2. 2. If you already have a MindMeister account, connect the existing MindMeister account to Google Apps

1.3. 3. Start a Hangout in Google+

1.3.1. You'll see MindMeister app on left side of screen with other Google apps

1.4. Example

1.5. Updates

1.5.1. New Google Apps Marketplace (11/2013)

2. About MindMeister

2.1. Features

2.2. Benefits

2.3. Examples

2.4. Security

3. MindMeister Support

3.1. Community forum

3.2. E-Mail support