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College Road Map Template - High School Years 2014-17 by Mind Map: College Road Map Template - High
School Years 2014-17
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College Road Map Template - High School Years 2014-17

2012 Meetings with Andre James – Sophomore 5/1 – Scheduled PSAT 5/15 – Conducted website tour of 5 colleges 5/25 – Signed up for UB Summer Session 2013 Meetings with Andre James: 7/1 - Created College Plan - identified colleges. 7/15 - Scheduled SAT Prep and 1st Test 7/15 - Scheduled meeting w/parents 7/25 - Met with Andre & parents - discussed college financing.

Compatibility Match

Career Path

Medical Professional, Pharma Industry

Green Supervisor, Manager, Green Construction Mgr

Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator

Engineer, Architect, Technician

Campus culture

Academic Philosophy

Extra Curricular Activity

Academic Accountability

College Applications


Recommendation Letters

Extra Curricular

Basketball Team: 2011- 2013


My Playing Statistics

Video: Finals Game Oct 2011

Jazz Band Portfolio: 2010- 2013

Pictures of 11/2010 Concert

Video May 21st Show

ID Scholarships

Community Service

Academic Prep

Classes Required for:

University of Wisconsin

UC Santa Barbara

TSU San Marcos

Beloit College

Northpark University

Test Prep

SAT Prep


Scholarship Apps


FAFSA Signup Site

Finding a College

Review Websites

TSU San Marcos, Admissions

Northpark University, Admissions

UCSB, Admissions Page

Beloit College, Admissions

University of Wisconsin, Admissions

Campus Visits

Take Guided Tour, UCSB, University of Wisconsin

College Fairs

START HERE: "Follow my talents, interests, passions, ambitions" - >

Green 360 Career Catalyst: By answering the questions in the Interest Profiler, students can discover interests, passions, ambitions that provides an important level of self-knowledge.  This self-knowledge can help anchor students and help them move forward toward their interests versus the interest of outside influences. To get started: - Create your Career Catalyst Account - Fill out the Interest Profiler - Review Your Profile - At top, Explore Jobs associated with your Profile - Pick a job that interests you - Review Job Requirements: Abilities, Knowledges, Skills - Review "More Education Details"

Career Catalyst - Teacher Lesson Plan