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CrowdFunding Cloud E-Book by Mind Map: CrowdFunding Cloud E-Book
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CrowdFunding Cloud E-Book



Find and Collaborate with CrowdFunding like-minded people and communities. To interact with people who amplify, invest, convene, build, learn & facilitate CrowdFunding . To ensure more effective creation and sharing of CrowdFunding knowledge and best practices to raise funds and innovate efficiently and effectively .

E-Book Fabric & system

Cloud based, collaborative and wiki

Open system, page permission


Google fabric

What is CrowdFunding

CrowdFunding history

CrowdFunding types

Main Players

Benefits / advantages / limitation

Who are your crowds

Followers / Friends





Service providers, Marketing Companies, Socail Media, Internet marketing, Bloggers, Press release, Legal, Business, IP attorneys, Accountent, Application providers, Rapid portotyping, Crowd source apps

Marketing firms

Crowd Buidling, Define your crowd, 1st Circle, You, Friends, Family, 2nd Circle, Friends of Friends, Colleagues, Clubs and associations, 3rd Circile, Your email list, Your Social media, 4th Circile, Future core backers, Friends, Network, Crowd from the cloud, Where the Crowd lives ?, Find them, Online communities., blog, podcasts,, online video shows, forums,, Social networks, FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked in, Management, Hootsuite, Associations, Local Communities, Church, VC investment Forums, Communication path, Blog, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blog Interfaces, Call to action, Interfaces, Social Media, Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Live video, Google HangOut, UStream,, TubeMogul, Social Media Content management, Hootsuite, Website, Forms, Email, Phone call, Message, Presentation, Press Releases, How to connect to them, Join them, Get introduced and interact, Involve the audience, Spread the word, Monitor the words, Marketing, Yourself, Your project, High value targets, Group, High value backers, Crowd Management, Enter all Crowd Info in the CRM system

Where to start

Add to your CrowdFunding knowladge

Stay relevant

Plan your CrowdFunding project

Build your Crowd from the start

Get noticed

Are you ready for CrowdFunding

CrowdFunding Project Model

Build your support infrastructure

Google Business solution tools

Other tools

Build your team

Research and build the best practices

CrowdFunding components

CrowdFunding Campaign

Tactical steps, Perior to the campaign, Campaign component research and development, Camp Dev.- Set the budget - CrowdFunding campaign development, Camp Dev.- Category research and selection, Camp Dev.- CrowdFunding portal registration requirement, Camp Dev.- CrowdFunding campaign layout - Video - pictures - content - award details., Camp Dev.-CrowdFunding "ask" Video, Camp Dev.- Team Bio, Camp Dev.- Campaign name, Camp Dev.- Campaign short pitch, Camp Dev.- Campaign - Social media pitch, Camp Dev.- Campaign duration, Camp Dev.- Campaign Funding amount- Goal and strategy, Camp Dev.- Funding Targets, Camp Dev.- CrowdFunding campaign expense Budgeting - shipping and production - P&L, Camp Dev. awards / reward development, Camp Dev.- Awards / reward story, Camp Dev.- Award Pricing, Camp Dev.- Final Category, Camp Dev.- Campaign Cost analysis, Camp Dev.- Portal selection, Camp Dev.- Portal registration, Camp Dev. Other promotions (I.e. TV promotion, press releases, Major actor or actors endorser), Testing and validation, During the campaign, After the campign, CrowdFunding Reluanch, CrowdFunding product / services, Development, Delivery, Investor managment

CrowdFunding Project

Strategic steps

Technical steps

Go to market

CrowdFunding project bear necessity




Boostrap fund