CrowdFunding Cloud E-Book

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CrowdFunding Cloud E-Book by Mind Map: CrowdFunding Cloud E-Book

1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose

1.2. E-Book Fabric & system

1.2.1. Open system page permission

1.2.2. Intranet

1.2.3. Google fabric

2. What is CrowdFunding

2.1. CrowdFunding history

2.2. CrowdFunding types

2.2.1. Main Players

2.3. Benefits / advantages / limitation

2.4. Who are your crowds

2.4.1. Followers / Friends

2.4.2. Backers

2.4.3. Invetors

2.4.4. Mentors

2.4.5. Bloggers

2.4.6. Service providers Marketing Companies Socail Media Internet marketing Bloggers Press release Legal Business IP attorneys Accountent Application providers Rapid portotyping Crowd source apps

2.4.7. Marketing firms

2.4.8. Crowd Buidling Define your crowd 1st Circle 2nd Circle 3rd Circile 4th Circile Where the Crowd lives ? Find them Communication path How to connect to them Get introduced and interact Involve the audience Spread the word Monitor the words Marketing Yourself Your project High value targets Group High value backers Crowd Management Enter all Crowd Info in the CRM system

3. Where to start

3.1. Add to your CrowdFunding knowladge

3.2. Stay relevant

3.3. Plan your CrowdFunding project

4. Build your Crowd from the start

4.1. Get noticed

5. Are you ready for CrowdFunding

5.1. CrowdFunding Project Model

6. Build your support infrastructure

6.1. Google Business solution tools

6.2. Other tools

6.3. Build your team

7. Research and build the best practices

8. CrowdFunding components

8.1. CrowdFunding Campaign

8.1.1. Tactical steps Perior to the campaign Campaign component research and development Testing and validation During the campaign After the campign CrowdFunding Reluanch CrowdFunding product / services

8.2. CrowdFunding Project

8.2.1. Strategic steps

8.2.2. Technical steps

8.3. Go to market

9. CrowdFunding project bear necessity

9.1. Time

9.2. Resources

9.2.1. People

9.2.2. Boostrap fund