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LinkedIn Marketing For Solopreneurs by Mind Map: LinkedIn Marketing For Solopreneurs
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LinkedIn Marketing For Solopreneurs

More reading

HubSpot "35 tricks" -- March 2014

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What Not To Do

Send "mass messages" through the private messaging tool

Update your profile every week

Harvest email addresses of your LinkedIn connections and send them mass email

Go into a group and before you've added value for at least a few posts, you share promotional type of link(s) or try to get people to your website.

Before you use any strategy, whether listed on this mindmap or not, think about the Golden Rule: would you want lots of other LinkedIn users to be doing that thing too?

How to use this mindmap

You can click and drag any part of the mindmap to move around.

At the end of some nodes, you'll see a + symbol. Click on it to expand its idea!

Also notice on the upper left of this mindmap is + and - symbols -- click those to adjust the size of the font.

Start with the items on the right-side of this mindmap

Video Tutorial

Setting Up An Optimized LinkedIn Profile

First make sure you don't have a duplicate profiles on LinkedIn (i.e. you may have signed up for linkedin twice or more without knowing it)

Fully fill out your LinkedIn profile

Add keywords and accomplishments into your profile

Add your warm contacts!

Request recommendations from people who have loved your work

Profile "publicity" settings... which parts of the profile to make public?

Strategic Actions -- More Frequent

Write on your own LinkedIn blog!

Respond to your Invitations & Messages Regularly

Manage your Notifications

Connect thoughtfully with new people

Reach out to prospective clients

Reach out to prospective partners

Write comments on relevant Influencer postings

Participate in relevant and active Groups

Post Status Updates Frequently

Update your profile quarterly

When you get a testimonial or positive comment about your work, consider requesting a recommendation from that person on LinkedIn. See more info in the node: "Setting up an optimized linkedin profile"

Strategic Actions -- If You Have Time or Bigger Budget

Write a thoughtful (short is fine) congrats on people's new jobs or work anniversaries

Comment on status updates of others

Create your own LinkedIn Group

Create LinkedIn Ads

Look at "who's viewed my profile" -- -- really only useful if you have LinkedIn Premium

The main concepts are all listed in this mindmap, and it may be all that you need. To understand more nuanced concepts, watch the videos