Introducing Duplicate and Published Maps in MindMeister

Another week, another update – last night we updated MindMeister with a new version that fixes a number of problems, most notably the scrollbars which appeared in some browsers when inputting text into nodes. This should work fine now, with automatically resizing text boxes and full line break support (SHIFT-ENTER).

FOCUS Featured Image (Default)

We’re also proud to present two brand new features:

  • Ability to duplicate maps (in map list context menu)
  • Ability to publish maps, enabling users to make them visible on the internet e.g. for inclusion in blogs

More to come. Further details on the last update can be found as always in the changelog.

Oh yes, and we’re up to about 3000 users from all over the world now, which is great because we’re still getting tons of really useful feedback – even though we might have to work on our Japanese before being able to understand it all 😉