Introducing: MindMeister Offline

Please note: this article was last updated in 2007 and at present, MindMeister’s offline mode is only available on MindMeister for iOS and Android. For more details, please visit

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We’re sure you’d agree that web-based applications are great – you can access your data online from wherever you are, instantly share documents with others, and even work on them simultaneously. But what happens when you have no internet connection, maybe on a plane or stuck in a meeting without wifi or reception?

Well, that’s where MindMeister Offline comes in – now you just take all your mind maps offline using the handy slider at the bottom of the maps list, and hey presto! You can work on your mind maps anytime, from anywhere. Next time you get connected just slide the slider back and all your changes (and new maps) will be synced back to your online account automatically!

MindMeister Offline uses Google Gears offline technology, which is still in beta stage, so please bear with us should you experience any glitches with the offline mode. Drop us an email if you encounter any issues and we’ll do our best to iron them out!

The offline mode is available to all users for a 30 day trial period (even if you’re already subscribed and your initial trial period has expired). After that only Premium users will be able to use it.