New Features from Our Last Update

Please note: This article was last updated in 2007. For the latest product updates please visit the homepage of this blog’s Product News section.

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We’ve so far only talked about the new Offline feature with Google Gears that we launched with the latest release. And while most of the energy went into that, we also added some other new features and enhancements.

Here’s A Short List:

  • Passwords for public maps

    You can now set passwords for public maps for secure linking and embedding and to hide them from the public maps list

  • Blog embedding for everybody

    Now you don’t need to be Premium user anymore to embed maps into websites or blogs

  • Embed API

    A new embed API allows you to seamlessly integrate our map editor in virtually any other web application

  • Improved performance

    Vastly reduced the number of requests when loading a map by combining icons and other tuning measures

  • Reseller Scheme

    If you’re interested in reselling MindMeister to other users just sign up for an account here and get 20% on every license sold!

  • Other enhancements

    Easy enable notifications when first sharing a map – tag auto completion – reworked publish dialog with easy copy buttons – view invoices and export as PDF – and many more…

Right now we’re working on a few fixes to some editing problems that some people have been having, as well as on a number of new features. They are things that have been requested frequently and that we think we need to complete our mind mapping offering, such as attachments and images, connections between nodes, possibly some project management things (e.g. task info) as well as Geistesblitz enhancements.