atoolo and MindMeister

Update 14th March 2017: Please note that unfortunately, atoolo is no longer available. For up-to-date information on our integrations, please visit!

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We’re pleased to announce the successful integration of MindMeister into atoolo, a new online desktop application that is currently in open beta. Using the MindMeister Embed API, the integration allows atoolo users to access and edit their MindMeister maps directly within the atoolo webtop, optionally saving maps to their built-in atoolo disk.

Besides providing 1 GB of free storage space for every account, atoolo enables users to work on documents directly in their browser, without the need for a native application. This, of course, made MindMeister a pretty good fit. There are also all the other usual office-type documents, such as word processing and spreadsheets (powered by Zoho) as well as project support, instant messaging and a YouTube integration.

If you would also like to embed MindMeister in your application, just go and register your API key at