MindMeister Wins Innovation Award

It’s been a good week – great weather, more user registrations than ever before, and finally the news that MindMeister has won the 2008 Innovation Award of the german SMB Initiative in the category “Web 2.0”!

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MindMeister was selected from over 1600 submitted tools and sites and they said we should be duly proud (well, we are!) The prize is awarded to software tools particularly suited for use in small and medium businesses.

So my colleague Till just came back from CeBIT in Hanover where the prize was awarded and the glass trophy fits snugly beside last year’s design award. Your first award is always special of course, but when they give you a second one you know it wasn’t just a fluke! We’ll take this as an incentive to keep working hard on our online mind mapping tool and improve it for all our users in releases to come.

See some pictures of the award ceremony or read the official press release (german only, I’m sorry guys…).

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