MindMeister Available on the New Google Apps Marketplace

Please note: this article was last updated in 2010 meaning some of the content may out now be outdated.

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It’s a big day for us, as we may now finally break the news about what we’ve been working on at MeisterLabs for the last few weeks. As of today, MindMeister is available to Google Apps users directly through the new Google Apps Marketplace, which Google announced last night!

This integration has been long in the making and we’re pretty excited about it as we think that MindMeister is a great extension to the existing array of apps in the Google suite. We certainly hope you will feel the same way, enjoying lots of productive mind mapping sessions using the Google Apps edition of MindMeister!

To get started, just add MindMeister to your Google Apps account – this takes just a few clicks and MindMeister will then be available to all team members through Google’s universal navigation. You can of course also connect existing accounts.

Google users have access to all MindMeister functions of course, plus a few more:

  • Single Sign-on: 
Users will automatically be signed in when they open MindMeister from the Google universal navigation, and will have mind maps automatically associated to their account.
  • Export to Google Docs: 
The MindMeister export dialog now has an additional function (and button) to export mind maps directly to your Google Docs space as a PDF or image.
  • Share with Google contacts: 
Your MindMeister app contact list is prefilled with all your Google contacts, thereby enabling one-click sharing with those that you collaborate most often with.

Keeping in theme with Google’s familiar style and feel, we’ve even added a specific user interface skin to make Google users feel more at home.

Needless to say, we’re quite proud to have been hand selected by the team in Mountain View as one of the initial participants in the launch of the Google Apps Marketplace. As you can imagine, there was a ton of work that went into making all of this possible. Many thanks go out to the Apps Marketplace team for their constant feedback and support. Likewise, we’ve all had our heads buried in this project for quite a few weeks now, so please forgive our uncharacteristic silence as of late.

Converting existing accounts

If you’re one of the overwhelming majority of MindMeister users that also uses Google Apps/Docs, you can easily add MindMeister to your existing Google account via the Marketplace, while still retaining your existing MindMeister maps, contacts, links, file attachments, etc. Check out our Google Apps help section to find out exactly how to connect your existing account.

As with all things MindMeister, we’re always interested in your feedback. Let us know your thoughts on the MindMeister for Google Apps, and if you like it – why not submit a review? 😉