New Features in MindMeister for iPad

After one of the speediest reviews we’ve ever had, Apple has just released the new version of MindMeister for iPad to the App Store.

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The release contains a slew of new features and brings the iPad experience a considerable step closer to the feature richness of MindMeister online.

Without further ado, here’s the list of what’s new in MindMeister for iPad 3.5:

  • Export to PDF, PNG, RTF, MindManager, Freemind
  • Support for notes and links
  • Support for map themes and¬†icon groups
  • External monitor and¬†keyboard support
  • Customize box styles (new style popover)
  • Add message when sharing map
  • New open/close behavior (special buttons)
  • Return creates new node (fast idea entry)
  • Faster map drawing
  • Smooth zooming option
  • Redesigned editing UI with popovers
  • Stability and synchronisation enhancements
  • Various bugfixes

MindMeister for iPad is available as a free upgrade to all users who have bought the app before. New users can download it for $7.99 directly from the iTunes Store.

Get MindMeister in the App Store now

Thanks to everybody for all their positive feedback and suggestions – we’re already working on the next set of features so please keep the ideas coming!