Introducing: Multi-Selection in MindMeister

We’re very happy to finally present one of the most frequently requested features in MindMeister: the ability to select multiple topics at once and apply formats, icons and other information to them in bulk.

FOCUS Featured Image (Default)

This feature is now available to all users and helps to bring the MindMeister experience even closer to that of a desktop application.

When building the feature we’ve tried out a lot of common use cases and tried to make it as versatile as possible. For that purpose we’ve implemented a number of key shortcuts for selecting topics that should make formatting your maps a breeze:

  • Press SHIFT to select a range of nodes with the same parent
  • Press to select multiple single nodes
  • Press + A to select all nodes
  • Press , to select the next level left/right

Of course, multi-selection also works with drag & drop and other common operations, such as Cut, Copy and Delete. Let us know what you think of it, and happy mind mapping!