MindMeister Academy 2.0: Free Mind Map Tutorials, Tips and More!

This post was updated on July 10, 2017.

The all-new MindMeister Academy has everything you need to become a Pro mind mapper. The extensive online learning center offers free mind map tutorials, tips, use cases, best practices and exercises. Whether you’re a complete beginner or are just looking for some inspiration, the MindMeister Academy will help you improve your mind mapping skills and reach new productivity levels in business and daily life!

MindMeister Academy 2.0: Free Mind Map Tutorials, Tips and More!

What Is the MindMeister Academy?

The MindMeister Academy is a free online learning center that offers mind map courses, tips, best practices, exercises and a large number of mind map uses for your inspiration. In the Academy, you’ll learn…

  • How to draw and read mind maps
  • How to develop your own mind mapping system
  • How to take better notes with mind maps
  • How to use mind maps for project planning
  • How to brainstorm and outline essays
  • How to effectively use MindMeister’s map editor
  • and much, much more.

The all-new MindMeister Academy

Course contents and use cases are available for all visitors – no sign up required. Creating a free MindMeister account however will enable you to save your progress and access the exercises that accompany each course. Having your own MindMeister account also means that you can save the practice maps you may create in MindMeister during the training.

Mind Map Training Exercises

In the Use Cases section you can filter for business or education related articles. The articles include many sample maps, templates that you can clone to your account, step-by-step guides, and pro tips.

Mind Map Use Cases

Is there a particular use of mind mapping you’re missing? Let us know in the comments and we’ll happily look into adding it to the Academy!

Online Mind Map Training

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