Great Mind Map Webinars Coming up – Join Now with Our Discount Code!

In case you missed it, Biggerplate’s new Business Club offers regular live and on-demand webinars that let you learn directly from business mind mappers around the world. With our special welcome discount, MindMeister users can now join the Business Club and save a third on the cost of the price!

Great Mind Map Webinars Coming up – Join Now with Our Discount Code!

Biggerplate is known as “The Home of Mind Mapping” – it houses the world’s largest digital mind map library, with maps and map templates covering pretty much every topic imaginable. With their new Business Club, Biggerplate now offer an exclusive area for business professionals, with regular live webinars from practitioners and experts from around the mind mapping world. As a Business Club member, you can ask questions and join in the dialogue through their interactive sessions. All webinars are also available on-demand, organized by subject, and available to search and browse in your own time.

“We’ve got a fantastic breadth and depth of content in the Business Club, both in the recorded ‘on demand’ section, and in the calendar of upcoming live webinars,” shares Biggerplate founder Liam Hughes. “We know that there are certain ‘hot topics’ within the community, such as project management, productivity, and information management, so we’ll obviously be focusing in these key areas, but we’ll also work to show the wide range of use cases for mapping.”

He adds: “The most important thing about the Business Club is that it is based on practitioner-led learning, meaning we are giving members the chance to learn from other professionals around the world who are using mind mapping in a range of roles and industries. This provides a level of practical insight that is well beyond what any single ‘expert’ or organization could provide, and we think this is what makes the Business Club such an attractive proposition for individuals and businesses who are looking to get the maximum benefit out of their mind mapping tools and technology.”

Thanks to Liam’s generosity, MindMeister users can now sign up for the Business Club for a discounted price! Just use the code MINDMEISTER10 when signing up, and pay 19 USD per year instead of 29 USD!

What else do members of the Business Club get?

  • Unlimited mind map downloads
  • 100 free mind map icons and images
  • Curated mind map lists
  • Special offers and discounts

And here are just a few of the upcoming webinars you don’t want to miss:

Mind Mapping and Time Management

Mind Mapping for Effective Meetings Webinar

Business Process Management Webinar

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