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LærIT Denmark

Webjenesten LaerIT.dk is a Danish company that provides media solutions for education, enabling the better use of ICT in this field. Its main service, called www.skoletube.dk is a schoolastic media platform with over 10 integrated online editors with which pupils and teachers can create, publish and share media productions within a safe danish educational setup.


Cartes Sur Tables France

See the big picture with Cartes-sur-Tables Services and Workshops! Founded in 2012 by Lionel Masson and Jérôme Dard, Cartes-sur-Tables helps organizations, teams, and individuals to envision and achieve change. Our consultants use visualization tools to facilitate collaboration, decision-making, strategic planning, and organizational change.


thiemwork Germany

Are you looking for a partner for your marketing, website, or online shop? thiemwork is the partner for innovators who shape the digital future and want to revolutionize their entire industry. People, relationships based on partnership, and cooperation on equal terms are the heart of digital transformation. In the future, man and machine will create great things hand in hand every day.


Life Design by Amy United States

Life Design by Amy offers life and executive business coaching to busy professionals who are looking for ways to live better. They also offer motivational speaking, company training, digital resources, and online courses that simply help you design the life you want. The Insights blog from Life Design posts 3x a week for more inspiration and motivation to reach your professional and personal goals.


Manel Heredero United Kingdom

Manel is an organizational transformation facilitator who works with organizations seeking to empower their teams to innovate and transform business strategy. His focus is on collaborative and agile practices, knowledge management, and collective intelligence. He is fascinated by networked organizations, distributed leadership and innovative governance models, and their ability to transform traditional companies into adaptive and purposeful organizations.


Der Handwerkscoach Germany

“Der Handwerkscoach” offers comprehensive coaching and consulting services for tradespeople and small businesses. The consultants support organizations in optimizing business processes, strategy, and collaboration with a focus on digitalization.


Cesar Abeid Canada

Cesar Abeid is a certified Project Management Professional®, a team lead for a 100% distributed company, and the host of the popular Project Management for the Masses podcast. He is also the father of 3 homeschooled children. MindMeister is his go-to tool to organize his projects and brainstorm ideas with his team, as well as for organizing his family life.


Renato Zanichelli Italy

Smart Mind Lab is a passionate team of business lawyers and chartered accountants, expert in digital transformation and applied “neuroeconomics”. Our main aim? To help entrepreneurs in enlarging their vision and developing new powerful business models. Renato, the team leader, is a Certified NLP Master Trainer and a Certified Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Instructor.


Lucía Jiménez Vida Spain

Lucia Jimenez Vida is a Marketing and Productivity Consultant & Mentor who helps women launch and grow their businesses. In her workshops, webinars, YouTube channel, and online academy platform, she demonstrates how entrepreneurs can use MindMeister and MeisterTask to improve productivity and manage projects efficiently.


Jeferson Carlos Brazil

Jeferson is a consultant, digital planner, blogger and event producer with over 7 years experience in marketing and advertising. As the founder of Jefpower he uses MindMeister to help his customers create winning marketing strategies and presentations.


Arnaldo Mefano Brazil

Arnaldo Mefano specializes in digital marketing and social media. He has used MindMeister and MeisterTask for a long time to plan and increase productivity. As a certified Expert, he provides training in his area and can show you, too, how to increase productivity with the use of the Meister Suite.


Tilman Möller Consult Germany

Tilman Möller is a consultant with +30 years of leadership experience. Since 2012 he has helped companies, organizations, and self-employed workers to reach their goals efficiently. He focuses specifically on strategy, marketing, and productivity aspects. Tilman uses MindMeister and MeisterTask as part of his workflow and with/for customers. His working approach: “Doing right things right.”


Toni Krasnic United States

Toni Krasnic is the author of Concise Learning, How to Study with Mind Maps, and Mind Mapping for Kids. He’s a student success coach and a former professor of chemistry with a decade of college-level teaching experience, including four years at The George Washington University. He has advised thousands of students on how to become more effective and efficient learners with mind maps and the Concise Learning Method, helping them achieve success in school and life.


Dieter Hofer CDC Austria

As an expert on digital strategy, Dieter Hofer supports small and medium-sized businesses in all matters, from ideation to strategy planning, to the implementation of new structures. Using MindMeister and MeisterTask, he shows how teams can significantly improve transparency and productivity in their organization.


Yuki Kawazoe Japan

Yuki Kawazoe is the only Premier Partner in Japan. He supports companies and creators in Japan in implementing and using MindMeister and MeisterTask. In addition, his website (mindmeister.jp) has a lot of helpful content for users, including interviews with heavy MindMeister users.


Tomek Stachura Poland

Dr. Eng. Tomasz Stachura is a consultant, trainer, and lecturer who helps companies increase their productivity and improve innovation through the use of the GTD methodology as well as mind mapping.


Thomas Mangold Austria

Thomas Mangold is a keynote speaker and author of multiple books on effective time management. He helps individuals organize and find more time for the truly important things in their lives. He also works with entrepreneurs, helping them increase the efficiency of their teams.


Markus Dreier Germany

teamwork.DIGITAL is an agile consultancy helping clients create a digital environment optimized for their needs. Using MindMeister, MeisterTask, and other modern solutions, the team helps clients improve communication, create efficient, paperless workflows, and more.


Jörg Koper Germany

Jörg runs an agency for consulting and coaching that specialises in supporting freelancers, founders and solopreneurs. MindMeister and MeisterTask have been used in Jörg’s agency for many years. He also offers seminars and workshops on self-management, including the professional use of the Meister Suite. In addition, Jörg supports his clients with coaching during change processes.


Cloudwürdig Germany

Cloudwürdig GmbH consists of cloud experts for collaborative tools and supports public institutions and companies of all sizes — from startups to companies with several 1000 employees — in the introduction and effective use of MeisterTask and MindMeister. In addition to the technical implementation and individual configuration, the experienced team also offers workshops, training, and support.



The CLOUDPILOTS Software & Consulting GmbH offers professional consulting services for organizations looking to implement cloud-based solutions. Based in Cologne, Germany, the company also holds offices in Austria and Switzerland.


Benjamin Floer Germany

Benjamin Floer is a time management trainer, podcaster, and family man. He’s also a minimalist and techie, and as such, loves using MindMeister and MeisterTask on his mobile devices. In his online courses, he teaches people how to get on top of both business and family using Meister tools.


Arpit Banjara India

Mind mapping expert Arpit Banjara has professionally provided mind mapping services since 2014. He believes that in this era of information overload, you only need relevant information and filters out the rest, and a mind map does precisely that! So he researches many general self-development topics, creates mindmaps as digital products, and sells them on Etsy. For more information, feel free to connect with him on Linkedin.


Philippe Boukobza Spain

Philippe is a consultant specializing in visual thinking, innovation, mind mapping, and collaboration. He helps his clients learn to use visual thinking techniques and clarify complex information. He offers training sessions and consulting services in English, Spanish and French.


Biggerplate Worldwide

Biggerplate.com is the global home of mind mapping, providing templates, tutorials, and training to help you get more from mind map software. Access thousands of mind map templates, a huge library of video tutorials, and expert training and consultancy services for your organization.

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