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We have made it our mission to inspire creativity in business, education and daily life by developing the most innovative and easy to use software tools. By embracing the concepts of Web 2.0 – simplicity, usability and collaboration – we provide new and revolutionary ways of working together in our increasingly global and connected environment.

A Letter From Our Founders

A few years ago, while working together at a small tech company, we had the idea to start MindMeister. Google had just acquired a company called Writely and turned their product into what is now Google Docs, which we started using almost immediately to collaborate on projects at work. We were also using MindManager, at the time the only serious mind mapping software, to brainstorm product ideas and also to conduct and organize customer meetings.

MindManager was great, but pretty expensive. It had to be installed locally, which made it very hard to share our mind maps with anybody else, as they would have had to buy the software as well just to look at our map. This made it really hard to collaborate with others, which is something quite important for a brainstorming tool. So, while using Google Docs - a collaborative word processing tool - and MindManager - a non-collaborative brainstorming tool - at the same time, we thought it might be a good idea to combine the two.

In order to realize this big project, we founded MeisterLabs and hired a few hand-picked developers to get started. We didn’t want to create just another productivity tool though, so we made it our company mission to inspire creativity in business and daily life, to bring people together, connect their minds and enable everyone to achieve truly great things. This is still our mission statement, and we will continue to try and fulfill it, both with MindMeister as well as our upcoming tools.

MindMeister’s first prototype didn't win any design prizes - see for yourself - but with the help of a great team and you, our amazing users, we're now proud to offer the top mind mapping tool on the web.


Michael and Till
Founders of MindMeister

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