Quick Tip: Link and Organize Your Mind Maps

Create as map

Sometimes when creating a plan in a mind map it can grow quite fast and get a bit complex. In MindMeister you can quickly turn a large subtopic, with lots of ideas, into its own mind map. You can automatically generate a link to the new map and a back link to the original. The original map is then used as an overview of topics for the plan.


The example below shows how an annual marketing plan can be organized into multiple mind maps.

  1. Create the mind map ‘Marketing Plan 2013’
  2. Add all your sub topics i.e. content plan, business development, marketing ideas, marketing budget etc.
  3. Create as map Right clicking on a subtopic and under tools select ‘create as map’ -> this will prompt you to create a link to the map and a link back to the original mind map. (see screenshot on right)
  4. Repeat for each subtopic.


This public mind map can be cloned to your account to be used as a template. 

Example uses:

  • Marketing plan
  • Business plan
  • Lecture course
  • Class planning
  • Advertising plan
  • Company structure by department
  • Organizing study notes by course

  • Jan O. Dvorak

    Very usefull indeed – however, the mobile apps (I am speaking about iOS specifically) should use the same logic.

  • Don

    I like it but I want to be able to LINK subtopics from several mind maps into ONE mind map, not simply create a new mind map from a single subtopic. Is that possible.

  • Raphaela Brandner

    Hi Don, thanks for your feedback. Maybe you can work around that problem by simply copying the topics in question and inserting them into the new mind map. Once you’ve done that, you can add links (http://www.mindmeister.com/help/links).

  • Jack B

    Really important for dashboards to roll up the task % complete from the linked maps. Possible?

  • Hey Jack, sorry, I’m not a hundred percent sure what you mean. Could you give us an example?

  • Jack B

    To be able to link topics to a topic in another map and automatically bring across the percentage complete from the sub map to the first map. Thereby gives the ability to create summary dashboard maps that show the percentage complete on various related or linked maps that contain quite deatiled projects.