Siska Irmawati

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Siska Irmawati by Mind Map: Siska Irmawati

1. Siska Irmawati was born on September 9, 1976 from a father named Jasirman and a mother named Yurna. She is the first child of two siblings, her lil sister named Silvia Novembra. She lived in the Bengkong Harapan road, one of the road that is in the city of Batam. When she was in elementary school, her father died in an accident. And her mom work hard to continue her life with her 2 children’s.

2. In 1983 until 1989, she went to 15 elementery school in Batam. Then, after graduating from elementary school she went to 1 Junior High School from 1989 until 1992. After that, she continued her studies to 1 Senior High School in Batam too. After completing her education at 1 senior high school in Batam, In 1995 until 1999 she continued her studies at Riau University, the management faculty of economics.

3. She is the person who has the most impact in my life, and she made me a better person. She has many good qualities and values, as well as strong women . She is the strongest person I never seen. She has four children that she raised on her own. She used to work very hard to provide my family and I, we anything we need. She never complained about her life. When she was tired of her work, she still makes time for her family, and makes sure that we have done our homework. I learned from her that if I worked hard, I will get what I want. She always said “If you don't try, you'll never know and you will not get any where without hard work”.

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5. I learned from her to be honest and believe in God. She did all what she could to get us the higher education even if we never went to school. She always advised us to go to school and learned. I remember her words about how is important the education and the know ledge. I admire her. She brought me to this world, cared for me, and taught me a lot . She also listened to me all the time. She is my protector and angel in this world. In the future, if I could be a mother, I would like to be as my dear mother: a special, simple woman with a lot of love to give.