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Collaborative Planning with Mind Maps

Focus the creative power of your marketing team with MindMeister’s free online mind map editor, which runs in every standard web browser and on your mobile devices. Share maps with colleagues and clients and collaborate with them in real-time - there’s no easier way to bring everybody onto the same page.

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Marketers Love MindMeister - Here’s Why

Thousands of marketing teams and digital agencies around the world use the power of online mind mapping to increase their creative output and plan successful marketing campaigns. Here are a few of their amazing stories:

Case Study MinneApp


Internet Marketing Service

Ved at bruge MindMeister med klienter, har MinnieApp reduceret deres ekspeditionstider med 77%.

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Case Study Jasmine Powers

Jasmine Powers

Marketing Agency grundlægger

Jasmine Powers bruger MindMeister og G Suite til at planlægge og implementere effektive indholdsstrategier

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Case Study Ulistic


Marketing & It Serviceudbyder

"Vi ser også vores kunder vedtage MindMeister udenfor deres coaching-program. En sand hyldest til værdien som MindMeister bringer til virksomhedsejere."

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MindMeister Feature Overview

MindMeister’s award-winning mind map editor has everything your digital marketing team needs to visualize, discuss and present ideas. Try it out and see for yourself how easy and productive collaborative mind mapping can be.



Inviter et ubegrænset antal kolleger og eksterne personer til dine maps, og brainstorm sammen i realtid. Du kan også kommentere og stemme på ideer for at give feedback.


Engagerende præsentationer

Præsenter dine kreative strategier til klienter og overordnede med MindMeisters indbyggede præsentationstilstand, som forvandler maps til dynamiske diasshow på få sekunder.


Marketing Templates

Buyer Persona, social media campaign or marketing strategy - MindMeister’s large template library offers marketing templates for all occasions.


Media Attachments

Each topic in a mind map holds space for images, design ideas, videos, links, files and notes, so you can store all campaign-related data in a central workspace.


Eksporter til Word & PPTX

Når du er færdig med at skitsere dine artikler og planer, kan du eksportere dem til Microsoft Word eller PowerPoint med et enkelt klik, hvorefter du kan redigere indholdet yderligere.


Visual Task Management

Turn your creative ideas into action by exporting them to MeisterTask, our online task manager. Collaborate on Kanban boards and get productive, together.

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Using Mind Maps for Marketing

With MindMeister as your go-to online planning tool, there are no limits to your team’s creative output. Here are just a few of the things you can do with mind maps in marketing and PR:

Brainstorming & Idea Development

Studies show that virtual brainstorming - as opposed to the traditional, in-person approach - greatly enhances creative performance. MindMeister’s intuitive map editor enables a truly frictionless thought transcription, resulting in a larger number of diverse and high quality ideas from your team.

Brainstorming idea development
Outline marketing strategy

Outline Your Marketing Strategy

Visualize your entire marketing strategy in a format that’s easy to update, edit and collaborate on. A shared mind map ensures that all team members are aware of your goals and priorities, and focuses their efforts on the activities that drive the biggest growth.

Content Marketing

High quality content marketing requires thorough research and a structured approach to maximize output. With MindMeister, you can collect all ideas, quotes, links and references at a central place; structure your arguments; outline your content piece, and export everything to a text document where you can flesh it out.

Content marketing
Jasmine powers

Using mind maps, I can answer my target audience’s key questions, and discover new content and ideas for delivery. Although my content-planning process can get deeply analytical, a great bird’s-eye content plan is straightforward to create with MindMeister.

Jasmine Powers, Digital Marketer

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Campaign planning

Marketing Campaign Planning

Efficiently plan product launches, influencer events, rebranding campaigns and more. Mind maps help you keep a bird’s eye view of your goals, metrics, tasks and deliverables, ensuring that your team stays on top of even large and complex marketing campaigns.

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