Dream XI: Meister’s Eleven New Members

We’re incredibly excited to start the year by welcoming eleven new members to the Meister line-up. Our “first eleven” of 2022 will be stepping up to bat with the Engineering, Marketing, Customer Success, Sales, and People & Culture Departments and we can’t wait to see each one of them play to their own individual strengths as part of the Meister team as a whole. Let’s get to know the first contingent of Lobsters to join Meister this year by allowing them to field a few questions. Prepare to be bowled over by these fabulous additions to the Meister team!

Dream XI: Meister’s Eleven New Members

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Lukas Eibensteiner – Frontend Developer

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Full Stack Developer
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. Building an elegant, high-end, visual content manager for teams.
How were your first few weeks at Meister?

My positive first impressions of Meister from previous visits were confirmed as soon as I arrived for my first day. I was given plenty of time to learn about my new role, the technology involved, and the company culture.

How do you like to start your day?

The best mornings are those when I get up before nine and avoid looking at a screen for at least an hour. My two flatmates and I usually meet in the kitchen for a cup of coffee before we go our separate ways.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next three years?

I hope to make a meaningful contribution, not only to MeisterNote, but to the entire Meister Suite.

Selina Ladenstein – Social Media Manager

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Marketing & Sales at CROWND Estates 
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. I’m responsible for organic growth on all our social channels. 
What attracted you to Meister?

If you want to promote things well, first you have to be a fan. I was conscious of that when I applied for the job at Meister. It’s the best way to inspire people and to convert them from users to fans. I have been a fan of Meister since I discovered MeisterTask more than two years ago, when I used the tool for one of my personal projects. I was immediately won over by its user-friendly design and simplicity. When I discovered the vacancy at Meister, I saw it as an opportunity to work together with great minds on products that impact so many people in their daily lives.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
  • (Unbelievably) funny
  • Sarcastic 
  • Friendly 
Which person inspires you most?

I’d say Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but I never fail to be inspired by the strength of my mother. 

Aniko Krix – Customer Support Representative

Quick facts

Nationality Hungarian
Previous Job Customer Service Agent at Entain
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. I will accompany our customers throughout their journey at Meister.
How did you feel on your first day at Meister? 

I felt so welcome and very well taken care of. Everything was nicely prepared and explained. It’s nice to be among smiling, friendly and helpful people. Just good vibes!

What do you like most about Vienna?

I like the “Donauinsel” (Danube Island), mostly for its beautiful nature, outdoor activities and vibrant nightlife.

What skills do you bring to the Meister team?

I’ve dealt with many customers from all over the world. I am customer-oriented, friendly and able to work under pressure. In my last position as a customer service agent, I learned to find the right solutions to customers’ problems as quickly as possible. I think this stands me in good stead for my new role as Customer Support Representative at Meister.

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Vamshidhar Reddy – Backend Developer

Quick facts

Nationality Indian
Previous Job Backend Engineer at Pattern
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. To fix things and to develop awesome features in MeisterTask.
How did you hear about Meister?

Through a lot of Google searches – and after a lot of rejections! One day I came across a Meister job advertisement in Stack Overflow. I applied, and here I am now! 

Which is your favorite Meister product and why?

I love the whole Meister Suite but if I had to pick one, it would be MeisterNote. It has a sleek, simple and intuitive design. I really like the presentation feature. I use it pretty much every day.

If you could be a character in a sci-fi movie, who would you be and why?

I would say Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. His appearance in every Marvel movie is special and also kind of friendly. I chose him because he dances just like me! The way he dances just makes me laugh.

Christoph Leitner – Backend Developer

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Grape Backend, Yodel Backend
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. To work on the MeisterNote backend and help wherever possible.
What about Meister appealed to you most?

The whole team, culture and tech stacks are a perfect fit.

Night in or night out – and why?

Well, since having a baby the choice is out of my hands!

What’s your life motto?

Live and let live.

Milan Mészáros – 3rd Level Support Expert

Quick facts

Nationality Slovakian
Previous Job 3rd Level Support Analyst at AFS Technologies
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. Help everybody to have a great experience using our products.
How was your onboarding experience?

Onboarding absolutely exceeded all my expectations. It couldn’t have gone any better. It was very educational, well organized, pleasant, friendly and smooth. Thumbs up!

What excites you most about IT?

How technology can make our lives easier (when used appropriately). I’m very grateful to be part of a team that provides great technical support.

What do you think you’ll bring to the Meister team?

Technical knowledge, experience, good organizational skills, ideas about how to improve.

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Cornelia Patscheider – Instructional Designer

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Lead Content Developer
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. I’ll be creating amazing learning experiences at our Meister Academy. 
What made you apply to Meister?

I love working with products that are designed to increase overall productivity and efficiency – and that make life easier.

What drives you most about instructional design?

Making information not just accessible, but easily understandable is an art form. Good instructional design makes you fall in love with learning.

What’s your biggest goal for 2022?

To create stunningly beautiful learning experiences. 

Renz Kandarappallil – Digital Marketing Intern

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Digital Marketing Assistant 
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. Drive user numbers for our products and grow the company. 
What appeals to you most about Meister?

The healthy work culture as well as the resources invested in employees in terms of career development and making sure everyone is happy. These are values and principles I can closely identify with. When I moved to Vienna from the U.S., I knew that I wanted to work for Meister, should the opportunity ever arise, and luckily it did! 

Where do you feel most at home?

Home is wherever my family and friends are.

Describe yourself in 20 words or fewer.

A spontaneous individual who has accumulated wild and interesting experiences living in four countries across three different continents.

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Enrica Scarpa – Inside Sales Specialist EMEA

Quick facts

Nationality Italian
Previous Job Key Account Manager 
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. Inside Sales Specialist EMEA (how about 4? 😉 ).
How did you feel about the recruitment process at Meister?

It was welcoming and went smoothly, it just worked perfectly both from the office and from home.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am learning ice skating and dance skating, and I also love eating out and trying out new pizzerias.

What are you looking forward to most at Meister?

I look forward to spending time with the team and to bringing in a lot of revenue.

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Julia Prattinger – Learning and Development Specialist

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Training & Development at ÖBB Infrastruktur AG
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. Supporting the Meister team with its professional and personal development.
What were your first impressions of Meister?

Everyone is super friendly, outgoing and helpful. It makes me really excited to work here.

What’s the best thing about Burgenland?

I love how time seems to go a little slower in Burgenland, which makes it the perfect place to unwind. And, of course, you can find some great wines here as well!

What skill are you hoping to improve on at Meister?

It would be really interesting to gain some basic programming skills. Other than that, I am always excited to explore the newest learning and development tools and to improve my knowledge in that area.

Felix Meinhart – Customer Support Representative

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Customer Support Agent 
Describe your role at Meister in exactly 10 words. Helping the customers and the company by solving all tickets.
What was your favorite part of the Meister onboarding experience?

What was great about onboarding was getting to know so many friendly and competent people, knowing that they will be my future colleagues.

Which artist inspires you most?

The Viennese painter Hubert Scheibl, whose modern abstract style I admire.

How do you think the Meister products will help you at work? 

Mind maps are great because they help you to visualize ideas, topics and structures. Also MeisterTask and MeisterNote will help me to improve and organize all the work that I’ll be focusing on. 

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