Many More Geistesblitzes!

Please note: This article was last updated in 2008. As of 2017, Geistesblitz is only available for Apple Watch. More details here.

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Not too long ago we launched the Geistesblitz Tools – widgets for Mac OS Dashboard and Windows Vista for quickly inserting ideas into a MindMeister mind map – and received lots of great feedback. However, we also received some not so good feedback from users of older Windows versions, who found themselves unable to use these gadgets…

So, we’ve taken that feedback very seriously and are now proud to give you not one, not two – but three new versions of Geistesblitz, for Yahoo! Widgets, iGoogle, and the iPhone. We hope this will make everybody happy!

Geistesblitz Yahoo! Widget

Yahoo! Widgets (formerly Konfabulator) is the most common widget engine out there and works on all recent Windows versions, as well as Mac OS. So we thought it would only be fair to support this as well!

System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS X

Geistesblitz iGoogle Gadget

For those of you who already live and breathe through the web browser, the Geistesblitz gadget for iGoogle is the weapon of choice – one click to add the gadget to your iGoogle page and you can begin to fire off ideas to MindMeister straight from your web portal!

Browser Requirements:
MSIE 6+, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Geistesblitz iPhone Gadget

With 4 million phones sold within half a year, developing for the iPhone recently became more than a fashion statement. While you’ll have to wait a little longer for the full iPhone interface, here’s a cheeky gadget for your iPhone browser as a little taster!

System Requirements:
Apple iPhone or iPod Touch