Introducing MindMeister in German and Japanese

Please note: This article was last updated in 2009. MindMeister is now available in 12 languages, a list of which can be found in the language pop-up in the footer of our website.

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As a company headquartered in Germany and providing their product in English only, you almost get used to people questioning your patriotism. Our usual response to questions on why we don’t offer a German version includes citing some demographic statistics of our user base (which is about 40% native English speaking). Truth is, it’s somewhat embarrassing it took us so long to launch a German version, but at least it’s here now!

At the same time, our partner act2 created a Japanese version of MindMeister which also went live last weekend. Japan is a great country for mind mapping as the technique is almost universally taught in schools and children get used to visually mapping out their thoughts from a very early age. Thanks to everyone at act2 for their relentless effort in getting the translation out the door in time!

MindMeister new languagesMore translations are on the way – next up are French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese – and if you’re interested in helping us with any additional languages please let us know. Also many thanks to those who have already offered their services, we’ll definitely be getting back to you soon!

Finally we’d like to ask you a favor: if you’re a native speaker of German or Japanese and you find any missing or erratic translations please send us a quick feedback message using the “Found a mistake” link in the menu bar. Sometimes you need to see a word or phrase in context to make sure the translation fits the intended meaning.