Introducing the New Map Template Library!

This post was updated on August 17, 2019.

Why create each new map from scratch when you can choose from a myriad of practical templates? We’ve completely revamped our map template library and filled it with awesome new templates. Whether you’re outlining a sitemap structure or writing a business plan, with a map template you’ll be off to a great start.

MindMeister's new template library

If you’ve logged into your MindMeister account recently, you’ve probably noticed that your dashboard has a new look. A selection of mind map templates (which were previously accessible via the navigation bar on the left) are now displayed right above your map list.

MindMeister dashboard with template selection

When you click on Show more, the full template library opens. We’ve combed through all of our old templates, removed the least used ones, improved the best ones, and added a bunch of practical new ones that you’ve requested in the past.

The library now offers the following four categories:

Business: Here, you’ll find templates for business plans, company org charts, project plans, and other maps you typically create at work.

Education: This category features map templates for exam preparation, essay writing, note taking, and more. While some were created for students, others can be used by teachers to help them plan their lessons.

Life: Life is full of to-dos, so we’ve created a few simple templates to help you get things done. You’ll also find a template to help you visualize your life plan and reach your goals!

Productivity: In this category you’ll find practical templates to analyze your business and make better decisions, such as a SWOT analysis, an Effort vs Impact Matrix, and more.

The MindMeister template library 2019

If you want to start with a blank map but already know that you need a specific map alignment, you can also select your alignment of choice at the top of the library.

Select map alignment

Aside from short descriptions, some of the less structured templates also offer┬ádemo videos. If you’re not sure how to fill out a template, take a minute to watch the videos so you can dive in quickly and get the most out of MindMeister! Templates that offer videos feature a play button in top right corner of their preview dialog.

Note taking template preview

We hope the new map templates will help you create even more awesome mind maps at work, in school, and anywhere else where you need to structure your thoughts. Over the next few weeks, we’ll closely examine the most important templates from each category. Each article will provide step-by-step instructions and best practices, so be sure to subscribe to the FOCUS blog if you want to learn more!

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