Better Classroom Presentations With Mind Maps

MindMeister Mind Map Presentation

Whether you as a teacher are looking for a more engaging way to present materials to your students, or are on the hunt for a simple and fun tool learners can utilize for their own classroom presentations, MindMeister is a powerful alternative to classic and often convoluted options such as PowerPoint or Prezi. MindMeister uses the mind map principle.. Continue Reading

Gain Deeper Insights With MindMeister and QuestionPro

QuestionPro and MindMeister

Here at MindMeister we’re perpetually looking for ways of utilizing mind mapping to enhance collaboration. Nearly two years ago we added a new collaboration feature to MindMeister which allows users to add comments to topics on a shared mind map, and vote topics up or down. The feature enabled teammates to give feedback on each.. Continue Reading

5 Online Tools to Boost Your Productivity


We all know that arriving back at your desk to a long list of to-dos can be a daunting task. Luckily there are a number of apps which can help – here are our top 5 tools to help break up large tasks into manageable to-dos, keep track of time and remain happy and healthy,.. Continue Reading

How to Teach Your Students to Unleash Their Creativity Through Mind Mapping

Teaching Mind Mapping

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ – Albert Einstein As many teachers know already, students are more likely to understand and retain information when it’s displayed through a combination of words and imagery. This article aims to give you ideas on how to apply this visual method in the classroom, by providing students with skills they need.. Continue Reading

Setting Up a JWT Enabled Connect Add-on Using Ruby on Rails


In March we had the great opportunity to get acquainted with the newest technologies and frameworks provided by Atlassian for their add-on developers. As a new vendor, MeisterLabs was invited to Amsterdam for Connect Week in order to get started with our first add-ons and to help shape Atlassian’s EAP features for their Connect frameworks… Continue Reading