Setting Up a JWT Enabled Connect Add-on Using Ruby on Rails


In March we had the great opportunity to get acquainted with the newest technologies and frameworks provided by Atlassian for their add-on developers. As a new vendor, MeisterLabs was invited to Amsterdam for Connect Week in order to get started with our first add-ons and to help shape Atlassian’s EAP features for their Connect frameworks… Continue Reading

Announcement: PDF, PNG & Print Go Paid

Export + Print goes Paid

What’s happening? Starting on June 22nd 2016, our PNG and PDF export as well as the print feature will be available for users of MindMeister’s Personal, Pro, Business, and Education plans only. Uhm, why’s that? Export and print are two of the most technically challenging and time consuming features in MindMeister. We’re constantly working to improve the quality of.. Continue Reading

Meeting Management With Mind Maps

Meeting Management With MindMeister

Meetings are a vital part of business, but they take up a lot of time, and too often the results of those hours of discussions and brainstormings have no actionable outcome. With the right meeting management, your meetings become more efficient and you make sure that their results actually get put into practice. This is.. Continue Reading

Strategic Planning With Mind Maps

Strategic Planning

Mind maps are a great tool to conduct all kinds of analyses and evaluations of your company, your products, and the market. A SWOT map will quickly show you strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; with a growth–share map you can get an overview of your products’ life cycle; and the Four Ps of Price, Product, Promotion and Place.. Continue Reading

Take Better Notes in Class Using a Mind Map

Taking Notes in Class with MindMeister

First of all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to note taking. The most important thing is that whichever system you’re using works for you. So, if you’ve found the perfect system for your needs – Kudos! Most students, however, adopt a certain note taking system early on and then stick to it.. Continue Reading