No Heartache Over Heartbleed


In case you somehow haven’t heard about the infamous Heartbleed bug that’s been going around, or if you have and you’re concerned about the security of your mind maps, we’ve put together a quick overview for you that lists the dangers MindMeister users are currently facing: None The moment we got wind of the security.. Continue Reading

3 Powerful Tools for More Efficient Collaboration


Connect. Collaborate. Create. Those are the three big Cs that define our workflow in this increasingly connected and global world. It’s what they tried to teach us in school, with their slightly annoying group projects, and it’s what most employers expect when they look for “team players” with “good communication skills”. There’s a reason why.. Continue Reading

The MindMeister Thought Extractor (Alpha)


We’re extremely excited to finally tell you about a new technology we’ve been working on for almost a year. All the hard work has paid off, as we now may proudly present to you the MindMeister Thought Extractor® (Alpha), a wireless device which replaces traditional input methods (such as the mouse and keyboard) and lets you.. Continue Reading

Join the Beta Test for Our Next Major iOS Update!


Good news, everyone! MindMeister’s next big iOS update is just around the corner. But before the release we’d like to invite you to take part in our beta testing program to ensure that the app complies with the high standards our users expect from it. Becoming a beta tester is super simple and you get.. Continue Reading

The New MindMeister Add-on for Google Docs


Following the long and successful partnership between Google and MindMeister, which produced integrations in Google Hangouts and Google Drive, among others, MindMeister was invited to create an add-on for Google Docs, Google’s web-based office suite within Google Drive. The add-on is part of Google’s just released add-on store available for Google Docs and Google Sheets, which.. Continue Reading