An Introduction to Knowledge Mapping

This is a guest post by Manel Heredero, MEng. Manel is the founder of Evoca, a London-based consultancy firm helping organisations improve knowledge management and collaboration. Connect with Manel on LinkedIn. This post is part of our knowledge mapping series. Knowledge Management Nowadays, the boundaries of companies and organisations are blurring as the world is becoming.. Continue Reading

Mapping Out Digital Advertising Ideas With MindMeister

This is a guest post from Nitzan Gursky. Nitzan is the Marketing Team Leader at Infolinks, one of the largest monetization networks in the world and the company behind AdShop. Connect with Nitzan on LinkedIn. There are many benefits to online advertising–tremendous reach, pinpoint targeting and clear reporting of which campaigns are working, and which.. Continue Reading

4 Teaching Ideas That You Can Use Next Monday

Thousands of teachers all over the world already use and teach mind mapping in their classrooms. As one of the most effective learning techniques, mind mapping can help students take better notes, improve comprehension, and foster creativity. If you’re interested in using mind maps with your students but aren’t sure how to get started, this article is.. Continue Reading

New & Improved: Exporting Mind Maps to PDF

Exporting your mind maps to PDF is a great way to transfer all of their content, including notes and links, into a format that is compact and can be opened and read by virtually anyone. Our popular mind map PDF export just got an overhaul which we think you will really enjoy. Here’s an overview of what’s new:.. Continue Reading

8 Lesson Ideas to Promote Lifelong Learning

A little while ago, the European Parliament recommended a list of 8 key competences which they believe all educational institutions should provide their students with. These key competences consist of knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are central to the development of well-rounded children, young people and eventually adults. It’s hoped that this cross-curricular approach, known.. Continue Reading