MindMeisterLogos & Brand Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to help you use MindMeister’s logo, trademarks and other branded content without needing permission. If the use you’re intending differs from the guidelines stated below, we ask you to contact and attach a screenshot or mockup to your query.

Logo Clear Space
and Sizing

Ensure that there is enough clear open space around the MindMeister logo. The size of the clear space depends on the pixel height of the logo. With a height of 100 px the clear space should at least be 100 px around the logo. At a minimum, the logo’s height should be 30 px.

MindMeister Logo


MindMeister B/W Logo


Color Palette

Please use our official colors when displaying our logo or trademarks.

Typefaces &

Meister’s CI uses two variants of the sans-serif typeface Avenir — Avenir Roman for standard paragraphs and Avenir Heavy for headlines.


Clearly indicate that you are not the author or developer of MindMeister.

Use the MindMeister logo to represent the MindMeister brand.

Use the name “MindMeister” when referring to our mind mapping tool.

Use our company name, “Meister”, when referring to our company.


Don’t rotate the MindMeister logo or change its colors.

Don’t use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.

Don’t use MindMeister’s trademark or deceptively similar marks to represent goods or services other than MindMeister.

Don’t use MindMeister in the name of your website, application, or product.

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