Brand and personalize your mind maps

If you’re using MindMeister for your business, you might want to make sure that the style of your mind maps adheres to your branding guidelines, especially when you’re also creating presentations to be shown to clients and partners. MindMeister enables you to do that with minimal effort.

  1. Create a new folder and name it “Templates”.
  2. Create a new mind map inside the folder.
  3. Apply a personalized theme, add a background image, create styles and save them.
  4. Upload images you will use on a regular basis, such as your company logo.

This mind map can now serve as the basis for all your new mind maps. Instead of creating a new mind map from scratch, simply duplicate this pre-made map and use it as a template. Of course you can have multiple different templates for different situations, products, or branches of your company.

Users of the MindMeister Pro and Business plans can create templates for their whole team simply by saving customized themes. Every saved theme is automatically added as a template to their My Team area, where all members can access it.

Here’s an example of a branded mind map template with the MindMeister colors.

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