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Mind Mapping for Students.

Feeling the college strain? Struggling to hit your grade goals? Enter MindMeister: transform your study game, infuse creativity into coursework, and propel your university success!

  • Take better notes and retain more information.
  • Work effectively with classmates in real time.
  • Generate more ideas for projects and essays.

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Why Mind Mapping for Students Makes Sense

The Benefits of Mind Mapping.

Freshman or senior, scientist or artist – online mind mapping is perfect for the challenges of university life. There are countless research-backed benefits of the mind mapping technique, which can help you get more from your lectures and independent study.

Improved Memory and Recall

Feeling the pressure before final or mid-term exams? Structure beats cramming hands down. Mind maps facilitate the comprehension of broad concepts: you take fewer notes, but you can retrieve important information from your memory faster.

Free Flow of Ideas

Who needs sentences, anyway? When you mind map, keywords, short phrases and images can help you visualize your thoughts faster than usual. This free flow of ideas helps you outline essays, brainstorm creative writing assignments and solve brainteasers.

Structured Information

College is about organization – especially sorting the knowledge you pour into your brain. Mind maps can store huge amounts of information: that’s why mind mapping software is perfect for visualizing relationships between topics in a structured way.

Better Communication

Sharing your best ideas can be a challenge. Mind mapping software for students helps you collaborate smoothly on group assignments with real-time editing. This enables simple communication and helps you visualize complex topics together.

“We don’t think in straight lines. Mapping with MindMeister helps me build connections across topics.”

Henna Brodkin, Graduate Student

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MindMeister: Powerful Mind Mapping for Students

Master College the Simple Way.

Learn Mind Mapping Techniques

Better Notes. Better Grades.

Your notes are the core of your study and revision schedules. When you mind map, you take notes faster and see topic connections more clearly than with linear note taking. The result: maximum retention.

  • Organize. Use colors and themes to categorize information.
  • Expand. Add notes, links, attachments and media to topics.
  • Adapt. Switch easily between bullet lists and mind map view.

Improve Your Scientific Research

Plan the Perfect Paper.

Got a great idea? Nail the structure and put your thesis on the map! Use mind mapping software to simplify complex topics, visualize your notes, and create a hub for links and documents.

  • Create. Make a central resource for the materials you need.
  • Combine. Brainstorm ideas and outline essays all on one map.
  • Export. Get maps as PDFs, Microsoft Office files and more.

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See MindMeister in Action.

Mind Map for Education

Features for Students.

Looking for effective study techniques that can simplify courses and boost your grades? Stop looking. Start mapping! MindMeister’s extensive feature makes us not only the original mind mapping software for students – but also the best.


Use themes to add color and style to your mind maps: improving readability and comprehension.

Map Notes, Attachments & Comments

Build mind maps as unique as your ideas. Add links and images to any topic, then discuss ideas via comments.

Map Layouts

Organize your maps into various layouts – org charts, lists, etc. – to structure your notes and essay outlines.

Export and Share

Develop and present your maps in other tools by exporting to PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and more.

Mind Mapping Software for Students Just Like You

Study Smarter with MindMeister.

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