Create and Manage Groups

This feature is available to all subscribers of MindMeister’s Business and Edu Campus editions.

The MindMeister Groups Feature will benefit you especially if you are a teacher or project member in charge of multiple users. With Groups, you can quickly manage the access to multiple mind maps for different teams and projects, as well as share mind maps with whole groups of users at once. Multiple groups can be created for every need, e.g. the marketing department, the 5th grade etc. All you have to do is drag and drop users from your contact list into your member’s area. Once the groups have been formed it’s really easy to select which maps will be shared with that group.

Accessing selected mind maps is also extremely simple. Instead of having to add people to each individual map, a group owner can just add or remove people from the group. This speeds up the entire process significantly.

Here’s how it works

1. To create a new sharing group in MindMeister, go to your Team Members settings, click on “Add Group” and enter the desired name. Now you can simply drag and drop people from the “Team Members” tab into the new group.

2. To share a mind map with one or multiple groups at once, open the Sharing Settings and click on Invite People. If you’re not sure how to open Sharing Settings, click here.

3. Instead of manually entering an email address or name in the designated field, click on the three dots to open the Add Users dialogue. In the Groups register you can select one or multiple groups and add them as recipients.

Import your Google Groups

G Suite for Business and Education customers also have access to a group feature, Groups for Business, which allows the creation of groups and mailing lists within their organization. If you’re using MindMeister as part of G Suite and you have already created groups in G-Suite, you can import those groups straight into MindMeister.

To do this, visit the Team Members page and click on “Merge G Suite groups”. This will display a page with your current G Suite groups that will be imported into MindMeister once you click on “Merge”.

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