The benefits of mind mapping

  • Mind mapping helps you focus.
    The subject of your map is always in the center and thus right in front of your eyes. This helps you to stay on topic.
  • Mind mapping lets you structure your thoughts.
    No matter how complex an idea or how big a topic, a mind map brings order into the chaos.
  • Mind mapping provides a great overview of a topic.
    It enables you to see the bigger picture, make out connections and hierarchies.
  • Mind mapping enhances memory.
    It kicks your brain into action and improves your study efforts through the use of mental triggers.
  • Mind mapping is efficient.
    It increases productivity and can help you save tremendous amounts of time.
  • Mind mapping is easy.
    Everyone from preschooler to CEO can do it.
  • Mind mapping enables a free flow of ideas.
    Because you mostly use single keywords, symbols and short phrases in mind maps, you can jot down ideas a lot faster than usual, which results in an unobstructed flow of ideas.
  • Mind mapping is fun.
    In opposite to linear notes and texts, creating a mind map doesn’t actually feel like work.
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