Most popular mind mapping uses

Mind mapping is an extremely versatile technique that can be used for a number of different tasks, in different fields and for different purposes. The following is a list of the most common and important areas of use.


Because mind mapping encourages a free flow of ideas and sparks associations like no other technique, it is the perfect tool for brainstormings. No matter if you’re looking for ideas for your next blog post, are trying to think of the perfect title for your novel, or are brainstorming the contents of an elaborate marketing promotion - mind mapping will set your creativity free.


A great use of mind maps is summarizing complex or long texts, such as essays, textbooks and theses. You can take the notes while reading or right after you’re finished with a chapter. The mind map encourages you to break the information down into smaller, more manageable chunks and capture the key concepts of the topic, which makes it perfect for later revisions of the material.

Planning & Strategizing

Mind maps can be used to plan anything from weddings and exhibitions to business concepts and PR strategies. They are perfect to collect all your ideas, to-dos and even resources in one place, to arrange things in a clear and logical way and function as a perfect visual aid when presenting your plan to others.

Problem solving

In our modern society, employers and teachers alike stress the importance of problem solving abilities in their employees and students. It is not so much the comprehensive knowledge of a subject that is on demand, but the ability to think logically, make the right connections and find creative solutions to a problem. Mind maps offer the ideal format to do just that.

Note taking

Whether you’re in a meeting or a lecture hall, taking notes in a mind map is not only more efficient while you’re writing, you will also find it easier to quickly go back to your map and refresh your memory later on. Instead of having to go through page after page of monotonic text, of which 60 to 90%* is, on average, completely omissible, you can see the truly important information in your mind map at a glance.


Mind maps can help you memorize all kinds of information and data, from vocabulary of a second language to complex physical concepts. In his book “The Mind Map Book”, Tony Buzan explains why mind maps are so great for memorization: “Mind maps utilize all our cortical skills and activate the brain on all levels, making it more alert and skillful at remembering. The attractiveness of mind maps makes the brain want to return to them, and again encourages the probability of spontaneous recall.”


During a speech, an oral report or a presentation, visual aids are key to help the audience follow the speaker’s thought process and further explain complex topics. A simple but very effective visual aid is a mind map, which can be projected onto a screen as a whole or drawn from scratch during the speech to underline key points and illustrate connections and concepts.

Collecting and structuring information

Mind maps are probably most famous for their ability to “structure thoughts” and help the mapper to focus on the subject at hand. But mind maps also offer a great format for collecting and structuring any other kind of information, be it the contents of a scientific article or your favorite dessert recipes. With solutions such as MindMeister, it is easy to add links to websites, notes and even files to your maps, making them the perfect resource compilations or knowledge banks.


Mind maps are a great platform for team members to brainstorm together and get productive discussions going. Everyone can easily add their own ideas, which in turn can spark new ideas in others. The results of the collaboration process can then be structured, tasks can be assigned and deadlines added.

Decision making

In order to make an informed decision, you need to know the facts, understand the connections, see advantages, disadvantages and possible consequences of your actions. A mind map is the ideal platform to collect all those things in one place and provide you with a clear overview of the pros and cons.

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