How to link your mind maps

As we’ve said before, one reason why mind maps work so well is because they are limited to one single sheet of paper and thus give you a great overview of a topic. But what happens if you run out of space?

Many people actually scare away from using mind maps because they don’t know what to do once their sheet of paper is full and they still have information to add. Should you somehow expand the space by attaching additional sheets on all sides? Or do you keep going on a new page? But then, what happens to your great overview?

A good way to solve this problem is by linking your maps: Instead of trying to squeeze all the important information on one sheet of paper, use the hierarchical structure of your map and only add the highest 3-4 topic levels to your map. This map will function as your “main map” or “index map”. Create a new map on a new sheet for every 4th level topic, turning this topic into the center. Now you can add all your 5, 6, 7, and 8 level topics around the center. With color codes or symbols you can easily link the sub maps to their respective topics on the index map.

With MindMeister you can create actual, clickable links between your maps and easily jump back and forth between them.

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