Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to MindMeister. In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to invite others to your mind map so you can work on it together. The great thing about MindMeister is that it lets you share your mind map with an unlimited number of people, whether they have a MindMeister account or not. Everybody can access the map at the same time, and all changes made by a collaborator are instantly visible to everyone else. By default, all your mind maps are of course private. So to share a map, you first need to click on the ‘Share’ button in the footer of the map editor. Now you have several options: You can invite individual people by entering their email address. Or, you can check the little box here to generate a secure link to the map, which you can copy and paste into a messaging or chat tool. This is a quick way to invite multiple people to your map at once. In the Sharing Settings you’ll find some more advanced options, such as who has the right to edit your map, and who can only view it. Once your collaborators have entered the map, their avatars appear in the footer. If you want to send someone a direct message, all you have to do is click on their avatar to open a chat window. You’ll also see the names of your collaborators appear above the topic that they have currently selected. This way, you know what everyone is focusing on at that moment. If you’re using your mind map to brainstorm ideas like we are doing here, you’ll probably want to discuss the individual ideas that come up, and get everyone’s opinion on which ideas they think would work best. MindMeister’s Opinions feature lets you do just that. Using the sidebar on the right, you can add a comment to the topic you’ve selected, and vote it up or down. When all collaborators have cast their vote, you can emphasize popular ideas, and see at a glance which topics have received the most upvotes. So this is how you can collaborate with others on a mind map in real-time. Thanks for watching, and be sure to visit the MindMeister channel on YouTube for more video tutorials.

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