History Mode

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MindMeister. In this video tutorial I’m going to introduce you to History Mode. This feature is great, not only to go back in time and undo any mistake you might have made, but also to replay the entire change history of your mind map and see exactly who added what and when. I’ve already logged in to MindMeister and opened my “Project Plan” mind map. To open History Mode, I click on the clock symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of my map editor. Here, we see a line of dots, each one of which represents an action taken on the map. Now, because my map is shared with my friend, I see red and blue dots, representing changes made by the different users. Below the dots I get a description of the respective action, like here: “Jane Demo inserted ‘Milestone 1’”. Clicking on the Rewind button lets me jump back to the very beginning of my mind map. From here, I can replay the entire change history by clicking Play. I can change the speed of the replay by moving the bar here on the left, and I can also choose to highlight topics, to make the changes more visible as they happen. Now, if you want to revert back to a specific point in time, all you have to do is move the timeline to that point and click “revert”. In the revert options, you can choose between creating a duplicate map from this version, which will leave my original map intact, or alternatively undoing all changes made after this version. If I take the latter, MindMeister warns me that all changes since this specific revision will be irreversibly lost. I’m OK with that, so I’m gonna continue. And so we’re back in the map editor with an older version of our mind map. Thanks for watching, and be sure to visit the MindMeister channel on YouTube for more video tutorials.

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