MindMeister & MeisterTask

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MeisterTask, our award-winning agile task management tool! In this video tutorial I will show you how to brainstorm and plan a project in MindMeister, and then export all your great ideas to MeisterTask, where you can collaborate with your team members and manage your project together. I’ve already logged into MindMeister and opened a mind map template to get started on my project, in this case the launch of a new product. The map is shared with two of my colleagues, and together we can now brainstorm what needs to be done. We can add our ideas wherever they fit, make notes and attach links to the topics. We can even set due dates for to-dos and assign them to any of our team members. Alright, now that we’re finished with our brainstorming session it’s time to turn all those ideas into action. To do this, I click on the checkmark button here in the bottom-left corner to open the MeisterTask footer. If I already have an existing project in MeisterTask where I can add my new tasks, all I need to do is select it from the list of projects and click on “Connect”. In this case, however, I want to create a completely new project, so that’s what I select. The moment I connect my map with this new project, all tasks that we have already assigned are instantly exported to MeisterTask. Just like that. Also, the project is shared automatically with all map collaborators who have been assigned any tasks. If we go back to our map, you can see that there are quite a few ideas we haven’t yet assigned to anyone. But don’t worry, I can still export these to MeisterTask - all I have to do is drag them to the MeisterTask footer and drop them onto the avatar of one of my collaborators. Drag and drop, like this, drag and drop. Once we’ve really exported everything we want, we can get to work in MeisterTask. Here we can customize our project board to better fit with our workflow, like this for example ... Then we can drag and drop tasks into the appropriate sections … and create some tags to bring more structure into our project. I’m gonna use the headers from our initial brainstorming as tags: Marketing, PR, Sales, Website and Support. Once I’ve added the tags to all my tasks, I can filter them to quickly see how many tasks are still open in each category. By the way, all the notes and links we had added to the topics in our mind map were also exported, along with the deadlines and ownership of each task. That’s it - now we’re ready to get to work. We can comment on tasks, reassign them, complete them, and archive them. One by one the tasks get done, until eventually, our product is launched and our project successfully completed.

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