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Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to MindMeister. In this video I’m gonna show you how you can access, edit and present your mind maps using your smartphone or tablet. MindMeister offers native mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, which you can download for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store. Being ‘native’ means that the apps also work when you’re offline. As soon as you’re connected to the internet again, the app automatically syncs with your online account at This not only ensures that you can access your mind maps anytime and anywhere; it also means that you can collaborate with others on your maps in real-time, no matter which device you’re using. I’m gonna use my iPad to demonstrate what you can do with the MindMeister iOS app. Now, I already have a MindMeister account, which I created on the MindMeister website, so all I need to do after installing the mobile app on my iPad is login with my existing email address and password. The app then syncs with my online account and loads all of my maps. I can switch between recently viewed maps, the ones I’ve marked as favorites, and a list of all my maps inside their respective folders. If I’m looking for a specific map, I can also use the search bar at the top. Once I’ve found the right one, I can click on the thumbnail to open and edit it. With the mobile app I can do almost anything I can do in the web app, like, change the formatting of topics; add icons; change the map’s layout; and select a different theme. Using the menu on the far right I can add comments and votes, as well as notes and links to a topic. I can also turn topics into tasks by assigning them to a collaborator and adding a due date to them. To create a new topic, I can either double tap anywhere on the map canvas, or use the Plus buttons that appear in the bottom corners, as well as on the topic I’ve currently selected. Let’s add one here...and another one down here. I can even play the presentation I’ve previously created for this map using MindMeister’s web app. All I have to do is press the play button and then navigate through the slides by tapping on the left or right-side of the screen. Of course, I can also share my maps with others via the mobile app, and once I’m completely finished, I can export them in up to nine different formats, from PDFs and PNGs to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files. So this is what you can do with MindMeister’s mobile apps. Thanks for watching, and be sure to visit the MindMeister channel on YouTube for more video tutorials.

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