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StarWars : The Old Republic (Work in progress) by Mind Map: StarWars : The
Old Republic
(Work in
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StarWars : The Old Republic (Work in progress)



Jedi Knight, Advanced, Guardian, Specialization, Vigilance, Skills, Defense, Skills, Focus (Shared), Skills, Force Exhaustion, Zephyr, Sentinel, Specialization, Focus (Shared), Skills, Force Exhaustion, Zephyr, Combat, Skills, Blade Rush, Opportune Attack, Watchman, Skills, Overload Lightsaber, Merciless Zeal

Trooper, Advanced, Vangard, Specialization, Tactics, Skills, Gut, Rapid Surges, Shield Specialist, Skills, Adrenaline Rush, Static Shield, Assault Specialist (Shared), Skills, Chain Reaction, Sticky Grenade, Commando, Specialization, Assault Specialist (Shared), Skills, Sticky Grenade, Chain Reaction, Combat Medic, Skills, Trauma Probe, Improved Kolto Bomb, Gunnery, Skills, Grav Round, Charged Barrel

Jedi Consular, Advanced, Sage, Specialization, Telekinetics, Skills, Tidal Force, Telekinetic Momentum, Seer, Skills, Resplendence, Healing Trance, Balance (Shared), Skills, Presence of Mind, Containement, Shadow, Specialization, Balance (Shared), Skills, Containement, Presence of Mind, Kinetic Combat, Skills, Particle Accelatation, Spinning Kick, Infiltration, Skills, Shadow's Respite, Infiltration Tactics

Smuggler, Advanced, Gunslinger, Specialization, Saboteur, Skills, Overload Charges, Stun Bomb, Sharpshooter, Skills, Exploit Weakness, Surprise Attack, Dirty Fighting (Shared), Skills, Heightened Evasion, Cold Blooded, Scoundrel, Specialization, Dirty Fighting (Shared), Skills, Cold Blooded, Heightened Evasion, Scrapper, Skills, Swift Kick, Shock, Sawbones, Skills, Amnesty, Field Medicine



Sith Warrior, Advanced, Juggernaut, Specialization, Vengeance, Skills, Immortal, Skills, Rage (Shared), Skills, Marauder, Specialization, Rage (Shared), Skills, Annihilation, Skills, Carnage, Skills

Bounty Hunter, Advanced, Powertech, Specialization, Shield Tech, Skills, Advanced Prototype, Skills, Firebug (Shared), Skills, Mercenary, Specialization, Firebug (Shared), Skills, Bodyguard, Skills, Arsenal, Skills

Sith Inquisitor, Advanced, Assassin, Specialization, Deception, Skills, Darkness, Skills, Madness (Shared), Skills, Sorcerer, Specialization, Madness (Shared), Skills, Corruption, Skills, Lightning, Skills

Imperial Agent, Advanced, Operative, Specialization, Concealment, Skills, Medic, Skills, Lethality (Shared), Skills, Sniper, Specialization, Lethality (Shared), Skills, Engineering, Skills, Marksmanship, Skills