Sin In Neutral

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Sin In Neutral by Mind Map: Sin In Neutral

1. Beakdriver (cancel after 2nd hit)

1.1. Leap

1.1.1. J.S J.K J.S

1.1.2. J.6HS 2HS 5HS Hawkbaker (crit) Bullbash

1.2. Elk Hunt

1.2.1. Beakdriver Eat Do you have enough calories? Tension? Rc

1.3. RC

1.3.1. Dash 6HS Hawkbaker

1.4. Beak Mash

1.4.1. Eat

2. Did you Press a Button?

2.1. What do you want to do?

2.1.1. Damage Max dmg combos

2.1.2. Pressure Frame trap, dont waste calories on blocked specials

2.1.3. Knockdown Eat if you need calories, return to neutral

3. Did They jump?

3.1. Can you AA?

3.1.1. Yes 6P!

3.1.2. No Block and watch for the low, a crossup or a frametrap Move out of the way

3.2. Neutral Jump?

3.3. IAD

4. Did They Attack First?

4.1. Can you IB or FD it?

4.1.1. If no, dont burst lights If you take dmg and get knocked down, consider what they can do on your wakeup

4.2. Can you punish it?

4.3. What do you want to do if you punish?

4.3.1. Damage Do you have calories? If yes, deal max dmg off confirm into combo, set up pressure

4.3.2. Knockdown If not, eat return to neutral

5. 2.S

5.1. Beakdriver

5.2. Elk Hunt

6. 5.S

6.1. Beakdriver

7. Under Pressure

7.1. Elphelt

7.1.1. Pineberry

7.1.2. Bridal Express

7.1.3. Shotgun Stance

7.1.4. In Corner

7.1.5. Midscreen

7.1.6. Knocked Down

7.2. Zato

7.2.1. Eddie out

7.2.2. Eddie not out

7.2.3. In Corner

7.2.4. Midscreen

7.2.5. Knocked Down

7.3. Venom

7.3.1. In Corner

7.3.2. Fullscreen Balls out? Identify ball positions and consider approach carefully Balls not out? Venoms buttons are minus, bait and punish his neutral attempts

7.3.3. Knocked Down Balls out? His oki can be layered, consider ball placements before selecting a wu option Balls not out? He's going to put balls out

7.3.4. Balls out Venom can do a lot with balls out, and his options in neutral are significant S Carcass Raid can be made very plus Eat only on beak kds, he can punish eat easily

7.3.5. Balls not out Venom has no mixup potential without balls His buttons while good range are very minus

7.4. Chipp

7.4.1. Midscreen 2s run ins, dont beak in neutral Airthrow cmd grab you can beat slow shuriken with beak Dont beak in neutral, Chipp can punish severely chipp midscreen has to choose kd or damage or blow 50 meter to get both

7.4.2. Corner Burst shuriken corner mixup or high blitz when he goes in the air you can dead angle his corner pressure Chipp is scariest in corner, try to get out carefully to avoid corner mixups

7.4.3. Knocked Down High blitz will beat most mixups, you can dp on wakeup Chipp gets ambiugous left/right mixups off a kd

7.5. Bedman

7.5.1. Midscreen

7.5.2. In Corner

7.5.3. Knocked Down

7.5.4. Seals Out

7.5.5. No Seals

8. Walk Forward

8.1. Block

8.2. 2.S

8.3. 6P

9. Instant Air Dash

10. What kind of player are you facing?

10.1. Aggressive?

10.1.1. Relax. Be patient under pressure Dont play too passive, exert dominance Once offense is established, keep it going Carefully look for opportunities to punish Maximize dmg opportunities

10.2. Passive?

10.2.1. Be cautious, approach carefully Too patient? Exert more offense Try and open them up Playing reactive? Try to bait and punish